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Sean Davies

Sean Davies

Heart Failure Analyst by day, Review Editor by night. Co-Founder of PSGamer.co.uk, father to 3 and avid trophy hunter.

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Op-Ed: Sleeping Dogs Remastered is one dog that Square Enix should have left asleep

In total, I have owned 7 copies of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 since it released in 1992 across the Mega Drive, Dreamcast, PC, PS3, Mobile and as part of numerous "SEGA Genesis Collections". It is a game I would gladly play again today for one reason and one reason alone - excellent game play. The 90's ... Continue reading ›



Co-founder of this site, been gaming since Clive invented the Spectrum. Been a Sony fan ever since Nintendo messed up the SNES CD deal.

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Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition heading to PS4

So, not heard anything about this until now. But Sleeping Dogs, the  pretty awesome open world game from Unite Front and Square Enix is heading to the PS4 this October. If you missed the game first time round, this could be a chance to check out one of the forgotten heroes of the PS3. You take control ... Continue reading ›