Here is a list of 20 Exclusive games coming in 2016. Last Guardian anyone?

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Sony has released a fancy pants new trailer featuring all the exclusive PS4 games coming our way in 2016. And all these games are AAA so it’s all rather exciting. I think we know about most of them, but it’s nice to see them coming out this year, although no exact release dates have been given. Check out the list of games below

  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn
  2. Uncharted 4
  3. The Last Guardian
  4. Gran Turismo Sport
  5. Gravity Rush 2
  6. Ratchet and Clank *
  7. The Tomorrow Children
  8. Drawn to Death
  9. Dreams
  10. Street Fighter V
  11. Firewatch
  12. What Remains of Edith Finch
  13. Shadow of the Beast
  14. Boundless
  15. Nier Automata
  16. Alienation
  17. Hellblade
  18. Paragon
  19. The Witness
  20. No Man’s Sky


Uncharted: A Thief’s End coming October?

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Perhaps the biggest exclusive for the PS4 this year is Uncharted: A Thief’s End. However, the question on everyone’s lips is, when is it coming out. Well, we might have just had our first clue, thanks to Walmart.

The giant US retailer has started take pre orders for the game, with a date of October 1 2015. No this of course could just be a place holder and the only official news we have from Sony is that we will be getting our hands on Drake (oo er) in 2015 so it could be a genuine date.

Fingers crossed this is true, so we can have some time to play the previous three games to get up to speed, and save money so we can all go out and buy the super deluxe gigaton edition.



Source: Walmart

All 70 PS4 Console Exclusives We Will Be Enjoying In 2015

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While the PS4 finished 2014 in a lull, coming under heavy fire from the Xbox One’s insane price cuts, Sony’s current-gen console is kicking off 2015 in style and is keeping up the heat all year long. Sony have managed to secure exclusive content for some of this years biggest multi-platform games like Arkham Knight and Mad Max but it is the immense list of 70 PS4 console exclusives (games which are not coming to the Xbox One or the Wii U) which are going to be the main selling point in 2015 – and each and every single one of them is here in this post, alongside their most recent trailers, release dates and descriptions.

Jamestown Plus

Originally scheduled to release in Summer 2014, Jamestown Plus looks to have followed the crowd of games that slipped and are now arriving in 2015. This shmup has already won the hearts of PC gamers but this enhanced edition is coming exclusively to the PS4 with new ships, levels, story chapters and a reworked soundtrack.

Deep Down

Capcoms PS4 exclusive free-to-play RPG has been MIA for quite a while and even though this game was scheduled to arrive in 2014, we have been assured that the game is still in development and it is now landing (in Japan at least) in 2015. Combining the brutality of Daemon Souls with a free-to-play dungeon trawling format, Deep Down is an exciting prospect for 2015.


The deffinately-not-a-DayZ-clone H1Z1 is Sony Online Entertainment’s attempt to break into the sandbox zombie survival genre. H1Z1 will soon be releasing in Early Access for the PC and once SEO are happy with the games development, the game will be making it’s way onto the PS4 as a console exclusive. SEO have also stated that H1Z1 may also make its way onto other consoles eventually.

Axiom Verge

You wake after a fatal accident in a mysterious, ancient but technologically advanced world. You have no idea where you are or how you got there. This is the premise that Axiom Verge is built around, focusing on exploration of this new world and its inhabitants. Originally set for a Xbox 360 and PC release, Tom Happ is now bringing Axiom Verge exclusively to the PS4 and PSVita in 2015 with a Windows PC release to follow.

Planetside 2

Originally released for the PC back in 2012, Planetside 2 has gone on to become one of the most popular online shooters around, comfortably sitting alongside the likes of Team Fortress and Counter-Strike – and now it is making its way onto the PS4 in 2015. The closed Beta is set to open on the 20th of January and you can still sign up here.


From Software have built their own niche of brutally difficult RPG dungeon trawlers and Bloodborne is their next game in the same vein. Featuring a darker, dingier world than either of the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne is set to kill you over and over again thanks to its viscous enemies and huge bosses. Bloodborne hits the PS4 on March 24th 2015.


Wander was my personal favourite title of our “12 upcoming PS4 games you probably don’t know anything about (but should)” list. It is a unique concept – a non-competitive MMO with no combat where you work with others in the world to solve the mysteries of your environment. Oh, and did I mention, You start the game as a giant walking tree? Wander is set to hit the PS4 and PC in 2015.



One of the few downsides to have a PS4 and not a Wii U is that fact that there is absolutely no hope of us ever getting a Pokemon game on our beloved console – but fear not. Developers The Layabouts are developing Collectems, a Pokemon Red/Blue inspired monster fighting game, which will be arriving in 2015 on the PS4 and PSVita. You can follow development by visiting the The Layabouts website.

H-Hour: Worlds Elite

H-Hour: Worlds Elite is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign that was helmed by David Sears (previously of Zipper Studios) and is set to become the spiritual successor to SOCOM. David was the creator of SOCOM and was instrumental in securing the funds for H-Hour but left SOF Studios last year. The rest of the development team are still hard at work, using the framework that David left behind and H-Hour will release on the PS4 as a console exclusive in 2015, a little after its initial PC release.

MLB 15: The Show

Baseball is probably the least popular of the US Sports exports when compared to American Football and Ice Hockey but it is hard to resist a game when it looks as good as MLB 16: The Show does. Squint and you could be forgiven for believing the above trailer is a sizzle reel from an actual game – and this is still early alpha footage. MLB 15: The Show is set to release exclusively on the PS4 in 2015.

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Mysterious Uncharted Twitter tease reveals “Uncharduary”

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Sounds strange doesn’t it? Uncharduary. Doesn’t really roll of the tongue but that hasn’t stopped Naughty Dog Game Director Bruce Straley heading to Twitter and revealing the new cryptic word. Straley mentions in the Tweet that he wants to start a new month, something along the lines of Movember but only less upper lip hair and more handsome drake.

The Tweet also comes with #Uncharted4 front and center which could mean that Naughty Dog are planning on releasing Uncharted 4 really early in 2015 either January or February considering they are the only two months ending in ‘ary’ Could we be in for the biggest New Year treat with gamers able to get their hands on Uncharted 4 way earlier than expected? It could also mean a reveal perhaps of the much talked about and wanted Uncharted Collection on PS4. Perhaps both will be coming in the same month? if you click on the Tweet below you’ll see that Bruce’s timeline is full of mysterious, and not so mysterious Tweet. It certainly is interesting, and only Bruce knows what he’s talking about. Still, gives us all something to talk about right?

Whoa, Nathan Drake looks so darn good

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At the PlayStation Experience at the weekend, Gamers were treated to a full 15 minutes of gameplay footage for the upcoming Uncharted 4. One thing of note, apart from the gorgeous graphics, and stella gameplay, was Nathan Drake himself. He’s always been a handsome man, but the power of PS4 makes him look almost… Real.

At the PlayStation Experience, Naughty Dog held a panel discussion and went into great detail how the modeled the new and improved Drake. It’s amazing the attention to detail the go into. The video below shows the panel discussion, it’s over an hour-long but is fascinating if you like this kind of thing.

Uncharted 4 gameplay video

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The PlayStation Experienced kicked of with an epic gameplay video for the one and only Uncharted 4 Check it out below.