Gamestop lists Watch Dogs 2

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Gamestop have starting taking pre orders for Watch Dogs 2, even though the game doesn’t exist, or at least been officially confirmed. Read More

Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

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It’s finally here, Ubisoft’s ambitious, much delayed game that nobody really knew what it was is here, and it’s really rather good, if a little scrappy.

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It’s launch day and The Division Servers are down

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Well, this is a bit of a surprise, considering how buttery smooth the open beta was, It seems that the serves of Ubisoft’s The Division are down already, just a few hours after launch.

The errors appear to be widespread to across PS4, XBox One and PC. However. The error codes received are not always the same appearing to have ‘nicknames’ Sierra, Romeo and Mike each one followed by a different number.

Of course this is very bad for a game like The Division as it requires an internet connection at all times. Frustrating for gamers who have been looking forward to this game for some time, and equally frustrating for Ubisoft as one of their biggest titles has stumbled at the first hurdle.

Keep it locked to PSGamer for more news when we get it.

The Division server down

The launch trailer for The Division has arrived

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‘I’ve trained for a scenario like this my entire life, but it’s worse than anything we could have imagined…’

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Far Cry Primal Review

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No guns, no vehicles, parachutes, wing suits, gadgets, turrets. What is a gamer to do? Get back to basics is what.  Read More

Far Cry Primal – Legend of the Mammoth Pre Order Bonus

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Want to get your prehistoric on?

UPDATE 16:01 16/02: The Legend of the Mammoth pack – which includes three extra missions – is not a pre-order bonus, Ubisoft has confirmed. Instead, the extra content will be available in the Collectors Edition.

Source [VideoGamer]

Original story below. 

Well if you pre order Far Cry Primal you’ll be getting your wooly mits on “Legend of the Mammoth” giving you 3 exclusive extra missions.

Drink from the shaman’s cup to experience life as a mammoth. Use your immense strength to fight for your herd’s survival. Includes the Legend of the Mammoth missions (‘Duel of Beasts’, ‘Hunt the Hunters’ and ‘The Trapped Elder’).


Far Cry Primal will be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One on February 23,  PC version hits March 1

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