Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

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It’s finally here, Ubisoft’s ambitious, much delayed game that nobody really knew what it was is here, and it’s really rather good, if a little scrappy.

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The launch trailer for The Division has arrived

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‘I’ve trained for a scenario like this my entire life, but it’s worse than anything we could have imagined…’

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Sneaky trick allows you to download The Division Beta now

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This Friday, you’ll  be able to get your grubby hands on The Division Beta. That is if you have pre-ordered the game, or taken pot luck with the waiting list if you have registered your interest in t the game

But, never fear, PlayStation owners have devised a weird trick to get around all that nonsense. Although you do still have to pre-order the game, which means you’ll need a card and funds, but the order can be cancelled as soon as you’ve done the trick.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Load up the PlayStation Store on your PS4/PC, search for The
  2. Select “Pay Now” (reminder: no money will be taken)
  3. Search again for The Division and you’ll now see the game’s beta
  4. Download the game’s beta client.
  5. Now cancel your The Division pre-order – head to Settings >
  6. Find your pre-order transaction, select Cancel

According to Eurogamer, the trick works, We haven’t had a chance to check it out as yet, but a similar thing could be done on Amazon, pre-order the game, get a code, enter on The Division website, cancel order and boom.  let us know if you try and it works.


Source: Eurogamer




Leaked The Division Screens from PS4 Beta

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I just don’t know how some people do it, but some lucky gamer already has access to the PS4 The Division beta and has kindly added a few screenshots for the internet to gawp over.

It’s not sure what resolution these screens are, so we can’t confirm if they’re 1080p or not. However, whatever they are, they are still looking sexual. Not lont to wait now until The Division closed beta goes live. January 29 to be precise. That’s this friday

50 minutes of The Division Gameplay

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Yep, didn’t take long for someone, well a YouTuber  known as Jackfrags to upload a video to the interweb for Ubisoft’s The Division. Beware there may be some SPOILERS in the video

The video, dare I say is captured on the Xbox One running at 1440p and 60FPS. This is more to do with the bitrate and quality of the video. Sure it’s taken from Xbox One but it does show a lot of gameplay and probably answers a lot of questions that gamers have on their minds.

The Division Beta rolls out on PS4 on January 29 and a day earlier on Xbox One. The full game hits retail on March the 8.

Just how big is The Division’s Map

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It’s not long to go until Ubisoft’s Mythical shooter The Division hits shelves. A game that has had as much mystery as it as had delays. One of the big questions on gamers minds is, just how big is the map.

Well the answer is not very. Consisting of just the on borough. This has been shown  from a  video by Arrekz who has been playing the beta. The video, if you watch until the end shows the borders of the map which is just Manhattan.

Ok so it’s not very big at all, but lets not forget there is some verticality to the game world, and according to video the map is dense enough that just a small section can last you for days.

There are also rumors doing the rounds that other areas of New York could be come unlocked in additional content.

So, what do you all think, is this map big enough for you? Given the fact that some open worlds are just so damn big that they are just sparse, empty with nothing much to do. Could this be the answer?