Red Dead Redemption 2 map leaked

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Well, this has to be the best news to wake up to on a Monday. Red Dead Redemption 2 is happening, and the map you’ll be playing through has been leaked online! Read More

Manhunt and Bully get surpsise PS4 re-releases

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Surprise! PS2 classics Bully and ultra-violent Manhunt have been remastered and released for PS4 this morning.
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Modding brings The Last of Us to GTA V

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Those clever modders have managed to recreate The Last of Us in GTA V, There are no mushroom headed fiends to worry about but the main characters and environmental aesthetics are all there.

The effect was created using something called Rapidiment’s After Us: Rodeo map mixed with a little bit of  GTAFREAk67S’s Joel (The Last Of Us) mod. I don’t know what any of this means but it sure looks good.

Its a shame these mods aren’t available as some kind of DLC it would certainly add fresh legs to GTA V

GTA: San Andreas PS2 vs PS4 comparison

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This weekend possibly the greatest thing happened. My favourite game of all time GTA San Andreas was made available for PS4 (via way of emulation rather than the much-needed remake) still it’s better than nothing. San Andreas was among 8 games made available on the PS Store for the new emulation feature the PS4 has.

YouTube user Cycu 1 has made a graphics comparison video showing the PS4 version of the game holds up against the PS2. It appears that there are some graphical improvements, graphically. I guess that’s down to the 1080p upscale the PS2 versions now have. Check out the video below

Also, there are 33 trophies you can collect in PS4 San Andreas, take a look at the list below and see if any of them take your fancy.

The Key to San Andreas
Unlock all trophies.

Getting Started
Complete Big Smoke.

Purchase a Grove Street tattoo.

The End of the Line
Complete End of the Line.

Hustle Some
Win a game of pool.

A Legitimate Business
Export all three car lists.

The American Dream
Purchase any house.

Get a Pump
Do a barbell curl or benchpress at any gym.

Pay ‘n’ Spray
Use a Pay ‘n’ Spray with wanted level.

Bike or Biker
Complete BMX or NRG challenge.

Beat the Cock
Win the Beat the Cock marathon.

Spend $6,969 on clothes, hair, and tattoos.

School’s Out
Complete a vehicle school.

Serial Offender
Get arrested 50 times.

Freight Date
Take the train between cities.

Horror of the Santa Maria

Assert Yourself Next Time
Fail a mission.

What the City Needs
Complete 12 levels of Vigilante.

Complete 12 levels of Paramedic.

Rescue a Kitten Too?
Complete 12 levels of Firefighter.

Yes I Speak English
Reach 50 fares in Taxi Mode.

Time to Kill
Watch Credits to the end.

What happens in Las Venturas…
Complete Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

All Dressed Up for San Fierro
Complete The Green Sabre.

Home Run
‘Go home’ with a girlfriend after a date.

What are the Odds
Win a race in Inside Track Betting.

Double or Nothin’
Put the maximum bet on red or black and win.

Complete a stealth kill.

Original Gangster
Reach maximum respect.

The Los Santos Slayer
Reach a total kill count of 4,000.

Public Enemy No. 1
Reach 6 wanted stars.

Chick Magnet
Achieve maximum sex appeal.

Grove Street War Lord
Capture 30 territories.

GTA San Andreas (along with GTA III and GTA Vice City) are available now for £11.99

No more GTA Online Updates for PS3

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GTA Online for PlayStation 3 has enjoyed 2 years of free updates, not bad going, but it’s all about to come to an end. Read More

Rockstar Editor coming to PS4 in September

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Yes! this is exciting news, the brilliant Rockstar Editor which enabled PC users to re-create their favourite films in GTA V is coming to PS4 next month! Read More

GTA 5 Rockstar Editor coming to PS4?

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Good news folks, That amazing Rockstar Editor that’s available on PC is coming to PS4 soon! Read More

GTA5: GTA Online – Ill Gotten Gains Pt1 DLC screens

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Rockstar and E3 don’t usually get on too well so it’s great that they still lick to tease and spoil us like the best of them Read More