PSGamecast 11 – James Marsden / David Jaffe / LEGO Dimensions / Daredevil

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This week for PSGamecast 11 we speak to Futurlab director James Marsden about the success of Velocity 2X, the future of the franchise and his new relationship with Sierra. We also get his opinions on the latest news of the week.

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We also speak to Twisted Metal and Drawn to Death creator, the legendary David Jaffe about his vast catalogue, Drawn to Death and what’s coming in terms of DLC for the game.

Game difficulty is also on the agenda in this cast, along with LEGO Dimensions and the wonders of Netflix’s Daredevil.

Listen to the cast below, it’s great!

Episode 11 – James Marsden, David Jaffe, LEGO Dimensions, Daredevil by Psgamer.Co.Uk on Mixcloud