PSN Users Compensated 5 Years After 2011 Security Breach

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In 2011, the PlayStation Network was breached which endangered the private account information of various users and resulted in a shut down of the network. 4 years later a settlement was reached and those who claimed to have been affected were able to select from a variety of different forms of compensation. These included a free game code for a PS3, PSP, or a PS Vita  game and themes of their choice. There was also an option to obtain a PSN subscription or credit instead.

Almost 5 years after the incident, claimers are finally receiving their game codes via emails. If you made a claim during that time, check to see if you received yours. If you downloaded a free game when PSN got back online through the “Welcome Back” offer, you’ll get one game. If you did not, then you should be able to get 2 games.

Campaign for better PSN from PS4 Owners

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We all love playing online, shooting our friends in the face is quite satisfying. But it’s perhaps harder to do that than it should be. Read More

SURPRISE! PSN Down again (May 17)

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Well, well well, what a surprise, PSN has been down again for most of the weekend and gamers are not too happy about it as you can imagine. Read More

PlayStation Network Problems Continue

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Well, what a surprise, there seems to be more issues with logging into the PlayStation Network. Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the christmas period, you would know that Lizard Squad apparently attacked PSN and Xbox live making the virtually unusable over what would have been the busiest time for both companies.

A statement from the official PlayStation Twitter account confirms that engineers are currently scratching their heads in an attempt to sort the problem out. Apparently its down to heavy traffic, a similar problem that Lizard Squad engineered over the festive season.

It’s becoming a bit of a long running joke now with PlayStation users. If it’s not an update, it’s network outage. Sony really need to get a handle on this, else, all their hard work in pushing the PS4 to be the next-gen console of choice will soon be undone.

Has anyone experienced any problems logging onto the PSN today? let us know.

SOURCE PlayStation (Twitter)