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Tim Utley

Tim Utley

I love writing and talking about video games. The PS1 made me the gamer I am today and I'm proud of it.

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Sony has revealed the coolest PS4 to date to celebrate 20 years of Playstation

Sony is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Playstation brand and the latest homage to the system that started it all is a PS1 themed PS4.  This absolutely stunning console is going on sale (in the US) starting at the Playstation Experience in Las Vegas December 6th.  It'll be available ... Continue reading ›



Co-founder of this site, been gaming since Clive invented the Spectrum. Been a Sony fan ever since Nintendo messed up the SNES CD deal.

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Watch Andrew House and Mark Cerny talk 20 years of PlayStation

PS1,PS2 PS3, PS4,  PlayStation has been around for 20 years and have bought gamers some brilliant moments (and not so brilliant) but the history of the PlayStation is quite an interesting one. Of course starting life as a bolt on for the SNES. Earlier this week, at the Develop Conference Brighton  Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group ... Continue reading ›