Mortal Kombat X Story mode gameplay video

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Well, Mortal Kombat sure has come a long way since the days of rough digitised sprites and console conversions that removed all the blood (except for the Megadrive version)

Mortal Kombat X ramps up the gore value to 15.456 billion as you’ve probably seen from the various trailers released. Today we have for you some gameplay footage from the story mode.  It’s not just one-on-one combat you know. Well, it is, but there is a bit more to it than that. QTEs for example. Sure they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but they sure do add some drama when introducing the fighters. Check out footage below.

Mortal Kombat X lands on April 14

Brutalities make a return to Mortal Kombat X

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For those of you old enough to remember Mortal Kombat 3, Netherrealm kind a went to town on their finishers, not only were there the old-fashioned Fatalitles, but there were also Brutalities, Babalities and I think Animalities. That’s a hell of a lot of combinations you had to remember, and someone of them were like really awkward. For example you hand to stand 1/3 of a screen away and input a complex set of button presses.  What the hell is a 1/3 of a screen.

Anyways, the good news is that Brutalities are making a return in Mortal Kombat X and they are looking well brutal. Check out the half hour-long video below as Netherealm show you how it’s done.

Rumour: Mortal Kombat X DLC to feature Predator

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Well, wouldn’t this be the greatest piece of DLC to hit a game EVER!? A source, speaking with  a source has revealed that the grab faced alien killer will be joining the likes of Scorpion and Raiden to tear chunks out of each other, or in the Predators case, blow their heads off with his awesome shoulder mounted laser.

Joining the alien will be Colonel Al Dillon, the CIA agent who enjoyed a good muscle off with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original film. The good news is that the actor who plays Dillon, Carl Weathers as offered his likeness for the game.

Mortal Kombat is no stranger to getting Hollywood stars in their games with Freddy Kruger making an appearance. The Predator is the perfect fit for Mortal Kombat, when you think about the two androids Cyrax, Sektor, there is a kind of likeness to the Alien hunter.

There as been no official word from Warner Bros, in fact there has ben no DLC plans announced at all, but don’t panic, I think this one is going to turn out to be true as the amazing image you see above, was tweeted by Ed Boon himself in July last year.

Mortal Kombat X launches on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on April 14.



New Mortal Kombat X trailer details “Faction Wars”

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NetherRealm Studios have been hyping up Mortal Kombat X for the past few weeks, drip feeding us new fighters (Ermac!) and a glut of gory fatalities. While we have seen quite a lot of the brutal game play of Mortal Kombat X, we have not seen anything of the features that the game will include – until now.

This new trailer goes into great detail about the new Faction Wars feature which will be a pivotal part of Mortal Kombat X’s online Kombat;

The new Faction Wars feature will let you choose between some teams that will be very familiar to fans of the Mortal Kombat series (The Black Dragon, Lin Kuei, While Lotus, Special Forces and The Brotherhood of Shadow) which you will fight on behalf of. Wins and losses will then be added to a global leader board and a winning faction will be crowned across day and week periods.

Source: PR

Reptile is revealed in latest Mortal Kombat X trailer

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Reptile is the latest character to be revealed for Mortal Kombat X and the trailer below shows that Reptile hasn’t  skipped a beat in his quest for flesh and spewing acid in everyone’s face.  Have a look.

The Mortal Kombat X Reptile reveal trailer seen above comes courtesy of IGN.

Kitana, Kung Lao & More have fisty cuffs in latest Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer

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A new gameplay trailer has just landed showing giving us a violent look at Kitana, and Kung Lao, the dude with the awesome frisbee hat from previous games. Not only that there is a sneak peek at the multiple limbed Goro, who’s always ready to pound your face in. However Goro is only available to those that pre-order Mortal Kombat X.  Take a look at the new trailer below.

Mortal Kombat X launches on April 14 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.


Mortal Kombat X is brilliantly, violently gruesomely beautiful

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Earlier today, the developers of Mortal Kombat X had a little go of their new game in Twitch so the world could see just how violently beautiful the new game is. There are gaping holes in bodies, swords driven through opponents mouths, entrails and even a face sliced off. This is certainly the most gory Mortal Kombat game to date and I love it. (is that wrong?)

Check out the best bits in the video below

you can also see the full feed below. Skip to about the 14 minute mark for all the action

Watch live video from NetherRealm on Twitch