Rockstar Editor coming to PS4 in September

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Yes! this is exciting news, the brilliant Rockstar Editor which enabled PC users to re-create their favourite films in GTA V is coming to PS4 next month! Read More

GTA 5 Rockstar Editor coming to PS4?

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Good news folks, That amazing Rockstar Editor that’s available on PC is coming to PS4 soon! Read More

5 Educated Guesses At The Location of GTA VI

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So. It’s official. Rockstar are developing – or at least thinking about – GTA VI. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because GTA V became a licence to print money over the past 2 years. The biggest question on everyone’s lips? “Where will GTA VI be based?” There are many theories out there about the location of the next GTA game – some more hopeful than factual – but we have made some educated guesses on where the Grand Theft Auto VI will be heading.

Vice City


The rumour of a return to Vice City has been circulating for more than a year, predominate due to the pattern that has appeared in the series. Since GTA III, the series has repeated the same locations in order;

  • GTA III – Liberty City
  • GTA: San Andreas – San Andreas
  • GTA: Vice City – Vice City
  • GTA IV – Liberty City
  • GTA V – San Andreas
  • GTA VI – ???

Continuing this pattern would mean a return to the sun kissed beaches and Miami Vice threads of Vice City – and who could blame them? Vice City was a terrific game in its own right and with the power of the PS4 and Xbox One (as demonstrated in games like Second Son and First Light), it could be amazing.



Many of the newer fans to the GTA series won’t even know that this existed but back in 1999, Take-Two and Rockstar released 2 game called GTA: London 1961 and London 1969. The game was set in the capital of good ol’ blighty in the midst of the “Mods vrs. Rockers” era and the MacGuffins of the game were a parody of the infamous Kray Twins.

Rumours of a return to London have been circulating since the release of GTA III and while the majority of these have been pipe dreams, It would be wrong to dismiss the possibility entirely. The main objection to this is the fact that Rockstar (DMA Design at the time) have not developed a game which had an actual real world location in it since this game. While Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City are based on real world locations, the actual names of their influence is never mentioned.

Anyone who played The Getaway PS2 games can attest to how intense driving through the streets of London can be and it would be fantastic to see what Rockstar North (based in the UK) could do with the location.

The RetroFuture


GTA II is probably the weakest game in the series. Set in a retro-futuristic city that looked more Steam Punk than bad ass punk, GTA II divorced itself from the modern day and started to venture into fantasy. The game was not very warmly received by critics, reaching 70/100 on Metacritic, but there were some mechanics in the game that were taken further and appeared in future titles.

It is probably the weakest rumour about GTA VI that we have seen but because of the series’ history, it has been suggested that the next game will be set in the future, similar to that of GTA II. It is possible that Rockstar have become jaded by doing so many concurrent games in current day American cities but this would be a grand departure from the tried an tested formula that they have perfected and a big risk because of it.



Ah, Niko Bellic. Our favourite (sic. only) Eastern European GTA protagonist. Compared to Michael, Franklin and Trevor, Niko had very little personality but there were two thing that were really important to him – his family and honour. The entire of GTA IV was a blood soaked revenge trip to avenge the deaths of his army squad mates, all the while bailing out his cousin Roman from his mis-adventures. There is also a tragic back story to Nico that is ripe for exploitation.

While Nico’s nationality is intentionally vague, he is definitely from Russia or the countries bordering lands. Could Rockstar retrace Niko’s history through Russia, Serbia or Croatia? The thought of driving a tank through a snow dusted Red Square is quite exciting and there are plenty of colourful characters and iconic landmarks in that part of the world which could make for a fantastic game.



A Real Estate agency recently stated that Portland, Oregon would make an ideal location for GTA VI due to its geographical shape and infrastructure. There was one huge issues with this location though – GTA cities have always been based on real world locations that have a deep history and a criminal underbelly. Portland is not widely known for having either.

Hot on the heels of this was the resurging rumour that GTA VI would be based in Chicago. I’ve attempted to trace this rumour back to its origin but to be honest, it led to dead ends that started back in 2011. The thing is, Chicago seems like a natural next step for GTA.

Watch Dogs recently attempted to recreate a near-futuristic version of Chicago – to varying degrees of success – but the game did highlight one thing. Chicago is a great place to base an open world game. The city has some deep cultural history and the gangsters of Chicago have been widely covered in the main stream cinemas. The other bonus of using Chicago is the musical influences of the city. Home to Blues, house music and Soul, the artists of Chicago would form some fantastic radio channels to listen to when driving around, trying to escape the 5-0.

Now that you have heard our educated guesses, we want to hear yours. In fact, your guesses don’t even have to be educated. Would you prefer GTA VI to be based in Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, Rome, Detroit etc etc? Let us know.

The PSGamer Game Of The Year Awards 2014

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2014 has been a fascinating year for gamers and the gaming industry. In a year when a new generation of gaming consoles has started to get in to its stride, we have had the pleasure of playing a plethora of new and unique experiences from AAA mega-studios to bedroom developers. It has been a year when graphical prowess has been matched by story telling and design ingenuity to produce some of the best looking, most engrossing, most enjoyable and awe inspiring games ever made. There has been hardly a week go by that there has not been a newly formed and often genre defying or defining experience to delve into.

It is a testament to the game developers who released a game in 2014 as to how hard it was to decide on a short list of games for each of the PSGamer Game of The Year Award categories and how incredibly difficult it was to agree upon a winner. The PSGamer team has argued, bickered and butted heads over who they think deserved to receive each award because of the sheer quality and diversity that has been on show throughout the past year. Finally, after weeks of discussion, we are proud to introduce the inaugural PSGamer Game of The Year Awards.

The PSGamer Game of The Year Awards 2014 are broken down into 12 categories which are listed below;

To be eligible for a PSGamer Game of The Year Award, a game had to fulfil a few simple criteria. Firstly, it had to have been released between December 1st 2013 and the 30th of November 2014 – this is the 2014 awards after all. With PSGamer being a PlayStation-centric site, the game had to have been released on the PS3, PS4 or PSVita between those dates too. Also, In a year where the lines between genres has become even more blurred, we took the decision that a game could win only one of these awards and it would be the award that best suited the games defining features. This was to avoid a single game dominating the awards and to give all games a chance to shine in its own genre. It is also worth noting that we chose not to consider those HD re-releases and remasters that only incorporated graphical upgrades (with no changes to the game play).

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce the winners of the PSGamer Game of The Year Award 2014.
Next: Shooter of the Year 2014.

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Get ready to play GTA V in first person on PS4

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GTA V is coming to the PS4 in a few short weeks and Rockstar is taking every opportunity to get you more excited for the rebooted version of their smash hit by introducing a First Person mode.  The trailer and images below demonstrate that you’ll be able to shoot, drive and fly in First Person, changing the way you interact with the world in a very drastic fashion.

Everything that has been shown makes it look like an entirely different experience, which only serves as a benefit to returning players possibly looking for that little nudge to reinvest in last year’s epic open world experience.

I know I’m excited for this latest addition to the PS4 version, but more importantly let us know what you think about it in the comments and keep it locked to PSGamer for all things GTA V.


Returning GTA 5 players will get ‘exclusive content’ on PS4

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Grand Theft Auto V PS4 4

If you were planning on picking up GTA 5 on PS4 this fall you will be rewarded for your continued patronage.  Returning players will receive a bevy of new activities, cars, weapons, a murder mystery and more according to an announcement by Rockstar today.

Some of the new activities include a Wildlife Photo Challenge where players must document all the new wildlife in Los Santos and Blaine County. When players complete the challenge they will receive the Kraken sub.  The newest weapons include the Rail Gun and the Hatchet, both guaranteed to do extensive damage in their own right.  Players will also be able to compete in new Stock Car races that will yield them muscle cars to add to their collection.  Speaking of cars, the Imponte Duke O’Death, pictured above, looks like something straight of Mad Max and will certainly assist in all your carnal pleasures.

As far as the murder mystery is concerned, it will star Michael, one of the game’s main protagonists.  The press release revealed this much about the new content.

“As Michael, follow a trail of cryptic clues to unravel a grisly murder mystery.  Put the clues together and you’ll unlock two Noir Style Filters, which will give your Story Mode gameplay and Snapmatic photos the feel of a gritty old school crime classic.”

Grand Theft Auto V PS4 3

Other important things addressed by Rockstar included information about GTA Online and content that been downloaded by previous players of the last-gen version.  Players can transfer their GTA Online character into the PS4 version of the game once and progress their online career from there.  You can still play with your character on the PS3 version of the game, but no progress will transfer to the PS4 version.  Jobs created on the last-gen version will transfer over and 30 person GTA Online sessions will carry over as well.  Special edition content that was downloaded for the PS3 version will also be made available to those who pick up the current-gen version at no additional charge.

Grand Theft Auto V PS4 6

Those who pre-order GTA 5 on Playstation 4 will also receive an additional $1,000,000 in in-game currency to be divided equally for offline and online play.

Unfortunately none of the new content being created for the PS4 version of GTA 5 will be made available to owners of the PS3 version due to technical limitations.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to Playstation 4 on November 18th,2014.