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Battlefield Hardline Beta Impressions ~ Top Cop or Worlds Dumbest Criminal?

The Battlefield Hardline open Beta has been live for more than a week and the PSGamer crew have spent more time with it than we would care to admit. Ross killed Paul (he has always wanted to do that). Sean bailed on a bike sending Ross hurtling into a nest of angry crims. Tim even tested ... Continue reading ›

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PSGamecast Episode 4 – Oatcake Heist is live.

In which we learn Stoke-On-Trent has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe. Episode 4 of our PSGamecast < RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY.  This week we speak to Trevor Stricker from Disco Pixel about the upcoming Jungle Rumble for the Vita. We talk the tap-rhythm tree climbing game along with the benefits of working on Unity and ... Continue reading ›

Tim Utley

Tim Utley

I love writing and talking about video games. The PS1 made me the gamer I am today and I'm proud of it.

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6 mobile games that’d be awesome on Vita

Mobile gaming tends to get a bad rap because the library of games is oversaturated with clones, games with poor controls and just downright laughable production values.  But amidst the sea of garbage that the Play and App store can be, you’ll find a few pearls, of which a few are listed below.  To us these ... Continue reading ›