Battlefield 1 trailer is here

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So not long since news was spreading around the internet about Battlefield 1 than we have the official trailer confirm everything, and it’s looking damn good Read More

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Delayed until June

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I guess it was bound to happen, but Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been delayed until early June. Thankfully this year and not 2017 Read More

Star Wars Battlefront’s Bespin expansion details and Spring updates revealed

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Star Wars Battlefront is still going strong, and the latest update for season pass holders introduces good old Lando  Calrissian  Read More

Mirrors Edge: Catalyst combat and movement videos

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Well today we have two new videos for you, one looking at the movement, and the other looking at the combat. There is also some new information about the game. Good day to be a Mirror’s Edge fan then. So, without further ado…


Here’s all the gameplay information you’ll need about the gameplay. Can’t wait


Build momentum to reach top speed and do daring jumps between rooftops or stylish slides through tight spaces. Use the new Shift move and get a short burst of acceleration in any direction. For a quick change of plan, use Quickturn for a rapid 180 or 90 degree turn.


Hit top speed quickly zipping down wire lines. Carefully balance on a ledge and transition smoothly to hanging from it. Run vertically and horizontally on any wall and use pipes to swing over gaps or around corners.


Faith needs little less than her running skills, martial arts knowledge, and determination to fight the oppression smothering the citizens of Glass. But a few pieces of hi-tech hardware will help her to traverse the city.

Mag Rope and Disruptor

Mag Rope – Latches on to specific points in the world, allowing for unique traversal and interaction opportunities.

Disruptor – This upgrade of the tech in Faith’s glove lets you disrupt and destroy KrugerSec and AI systems.


You don’t need a gun. Use your environment, your momentum, and your physicality to fight oppression.

Attack Types

String together Faith’s fluid attacks when engaging with KrugerSEC or other enemies. Combine light and heavy punches to force enemies off balance or to gain an advantage when they’re stunned. Use your environment when fighting to build Focus, and dish out Swift attacks to fight without losing momentum.

Flow and Focus

Build up and maintain Focus by maintaining movement and action. When Faith has Focus enemies can’t hit her, but losing Focus makes enemy attacks a greater threat to your health level. Once Faith focuses completely, she enters into Flow, a state of awareness that allows you to attack in new and more powerful ways.



Star Wars Battlefront “Outer Rim” DLC Details

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Star Wars Battlefront is set to get some new DLC titled “Outer Rim” I’m sure if you googled that, you’ll come up with something entirely un Star Wars related.

Anywho, The new DLC will allow gamers to battle it out inside Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine. Fight in the throne room and hopefully be able to tame the Rancor for some extra cheap kills. The new DLC will also feature a new map from Sullest.

Two new heroes will also be available to choose between Greedo or  Nien Nunb. it will be interesting to see what ‘special moves’ these characters have. I’m sure Greedo will have a shoot first power of some sort


Finally there will be some new weapons and Star Cards to get your hands on the new Relby V-10 rifle and DT-12 blaster pistol will be the new weapons and you’ll also be able to equip Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade, and Adrenaline Stim Star Cards.

No price or release date or price has been confirmed, but if you’re a  season pass holder expect to get the new Outer Rim DLC long before anyone else.


Rumour: Battlefield 5 launching in October?

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Been a week of rumours so far, you’ll have to forgive me for writing these up but this one actually sounds quite interesting, if indeed it turns out to be true.

Swiss retailer has listed Battlefield 5 and that it will be launching this October. That’s pretty big news considering DICE are still working ( I assume) on Star Wars Battlefront DLC and of course Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Perhaps the more exciting news is that it looks like we’re going back to World War I for the next iteration of the popular franchise. Not only does the listing show a possible release date but it also describes the game as “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg” which according to Google Translate means “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1”

Good news if this turns out to be true because I think everyone has had enough of Modern war, for now at least.

Source NEOGAF via VGLeaks