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Battlefield Hardline launch trailer lands. Kabooom!

Only ten days to go.  DICE and EA's Battlefield Hardline is finally getting its release on March 20th, and we've got the launch trailer for you right here. With a deep focus on the campaign, the trailer showcases the KABOOM and the BANG BANG-ness that we will be enjoying come 10 days time. It looks fantastic and we can't wait ... Continue reading ›



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Rumour: Star Wars Battlefront info leak overload

It's rumour time here at PS Gamer so take this information with a fistful of salt. however, if they turn out to be true, then Star Wars Battlefront has the opportunity to be the biggest and easily the best Star Wars game to date! Here are the highlights that were found on NewGaf head over there for the ... Continue reading ›


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Battlefield Hardline Beta Impressions ~ Top Cop or Worlds Dumbest Criminal?

The Battlefield Hardline open Beta has been live for more than a week and the PSGamer crew have spent more time with it than we would care to admit. Ross killed Paul (he has always wanted to do that). Sean bailed on a bike sending Ross hurtling into a nest of angry crims. Tim even tested ... Continue reading ›

Sean Davies

Sean Davies

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This is what the cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III game would have looked like

Remember when Free Radicals were working on Star Wars: Battlefront III? Remember the pain when EA cancelled it? I'm sorry to bring back those painful memories but Pre-Alpha (very early in development) footage of the cancelled title has leaked online and you can watch it below. This first video shows some of the environments featuring Hoth (skip ... Continue reading ›