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Co-founder of this site, been gaming since Clive invented the Spectrum. Been a Sony fan ever since Nintendo messed up the SNES CD deal.

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Alien: Isolation goes gold, a New Trailer series begins to celebrate

Creative Assembly are super pleased that Alien: Isolation has now 'gone gold' meaning the game will be hitting shop shelves and Amazon warehouses worldwide from October 7. That's just like a month away and we here at PSGamer can't wait to get our pants a lovely shade of brown. ’#HowWillYouSurvive’ is a series of short trailers running ... Continue reading ›

Sean Davies

Sean Davies

Heart Failure Analyst by day, Review Editor by night. Co-Founder of PSGamer.co.uk, father to 3 and avid trophy hunter.

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Hands on with Alien: Isolation – “I think I just sh*t myself”

There have been over 20 games released relating to the Alien franchise. Twenty. There have been highs and lows in the 20- long back catalogue ranging from the excellent Aliens 3 to the shameful Colonial Marines but one thing that none of these games had ever been able to do is emulate the look, feeling and ... Continue reading ›