Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY Edition Announced

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Haven’t picked yourself up a copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition yet? Well now would be the time as the Game of the Year Edition has just been announced. Read More

Rumour: Is the Remastered Mass Effect Trilogy a PS4 Exclusive?

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BestBuy’s American site threw fuel onto the fiery persistent rumour of a Remastered Mass Effect Trilogy by posting up a listing for a PS4 Mass Effect Game, but here is the catch – there is no Xbox One listing.

The listing looks like a bare bones place holder but there are a few inconsistencies which give this particular listing some traction. Firstly, this is probably not for Mass Effect 4. Best Buy (unlike Amazon) are not known for listing games so far in advance and BioWare’s next space epic is not expected to release any time soon (most likely to be 2016). Also, the listing is plainly “Mass Effect” – Not “Mass Effect 4”, the title which EA have been touting themselves. Secondly, there is so much smoke around the Mass Effect Trilogy remasters for current-generation consoles that there is more than likely some fire behind it. Thirdly, Googling the products SKU number brings back a whole host of hits, all with the same bare bones details with just “Mass Effect” as the title, all listed for PS4 only. Could all of these sites be wrong?


The absence of an Xbox One listing could just be an oversight by Best Buy, and this could be the listing for Mass Effect 4 but the rumour mill is whipping up a storm claiming that a Mass Effect Trilogy is on its way to the PS4.

What do you think? Is the Mass Effect Trilogy a PS4 exclusive? Is this just an oversight by a newbie at Best Buy? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: As if by magic, the Xbox One Listing has now appeared! Reduce fanboy war readiness to Defcon 5.

Thanks to NowGamer for the heads up.

Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘The Inquisitor & Followers’ Gameplay Trailer

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This new trailer is called ‘The Inquisitor & Followers’ but I think it should be called the ‘Pretty Effects’ trailer. Simply because some of the effects on display are actually really cool, like the smoke effects for example.

Other than the epic prettiness, the trailer shows lots of combat and action, which is what we like to see. The other good news is that there is not long to wait. Dragon Age: Inquisition release  on November 21.

9 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay

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We’ve posted a couple of videos now that show the gameplay of Dragon Age: Inquisition in some detail, so we thought it can’t hurt to show you another one. This latest gameplay video features 9 minutes of sumptuous graphics (that look a little cartoony if you ask me) combat and various powers you’ll be able to use in the game. There also seems to be a  lot of wandering about. But I guess that’s part and parcel of these sorts of games.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be launching November 21

Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation Trailer

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So, we all like a bit of character creation in our RPG type games. Destiny’s wasn’t really up to much, let’s be honest. So it looks like it’s up to Dragon Age: Inquisition to give us our dose of butchy man-women beast things.

Looking at the video, it looks like the options are pretty exhaustive, using a square slider system to change all the attributes with speed and ease. I quite like this method, saves having to click-through thousands of options to fin the one you want. All very nicely streamlined.

Take a look at the video below.  Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on PS4 this November

Here is the third instalment of the Bioware You’ve Been Chosen teaser series

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These posts are getting tiring now. Not because I’m not excited about what this new You’ve Been Chosen game is all about, but because there are no details for me to tell you. That in turn makes these posts very short and lacking in content (Google hates that by the way) But still, I’ll keep on searching for you, attempting to unearth a small nugget of info that could make sense of these trailers. So without further ado, here is the third teaser for You’ve been Chosen called ‘Impact’. Enjoy

Bioware’s You’ve Been Chosen gets second teaser trailer

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Ok so Bioware have released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming project You’ve Been Chosen. Now we’re not sure if that’s the final name, and we’re not even sure what the game is, or anything else about it for that matter so don’t expect this post to be long and full of details, as it’s not. All I can see is watch the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments below, best guess gets 10 points.

Bioware’s You’ve Been Chosen ‘Nightmare’ teaser trailer

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Right there’s nothing to say here other than Bioware have just released a new teaser trailer for their new game You’ve Been Chosen. Details are more than thin on the ground, in fact non-existent. But it’s Bioware and they do good stuff. Check the trailer below

Stay tuned for more info when we get it