Fallout 4 plays great on Vita

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Rejoice, there is a use for our beloved PS Vita yet. And it’s down to Fallout 4 to show that love.

It’s  shame the Vita has been so over looked, we all know it’s a superb bit of kit, but for some reason Sony didn’t seem to think it was worth supporting. Anyway, one of the niftier features of the Vita is the remote play. As you can see in the video below, Fallout 4 is being played to almost perfection using this much underused feature.

Check out the video below and wonder why this hand-held console of kings didn’t quite make it.

Leaked Fallout 4 Hair And Beard Customisation Options For Male and Female Protagonist

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There will be many many customisation options for you in Fallout 4.

In the most random post of the day, the full list of beard and hair styles for both protagonists has been leaked online so now,  you can take a look, see what you fancy, and get straight into the action when the game launches on November 10. No faffing around for hours on end trying to perfect the perfect hero. Take a look at the leaked images below. I guess I should say SPOILERS for those that want a total hairdo surprise