Those of us of a certain age will more than likely remember a time when the year 1999 seemed like the far off distant future, filled with flying rocket cars, space ships and laser blasters. Unfortunately all of these thing have yet to come to fruition, however it seems that Capsule Force developers Klobit still have fond memories of this 1980’s version of the future. Capsule Force has its feet firmly in the brightly coloured worlds of 1980’s space anime, with plenty of extravagantly coiffured heroes and heroines thrown in for good measure.



The story goes that it is the year 1999 and the ongoing galactic wars have forced the Earth world leaders to dispatch intergalactic forces to capture galaxies in capsules. It is your job to invade your enemies base and retrieve your stolen capsule, before they can do the same to you. The main aspect of the game is the 2-4 player local multiplayer, which is a hell of a lot of fun and shows how much we are missing in these days of online multiplayer games. Over the past couple of generations of video games, we have somewhat lost the pleasure of having a few mates round, a few beers and a good old fashioned multiplayer gaming session; Capsule Force gives us the opportunity to get our mates round once again.


In addition to the main multiplayer mode there are single player missions, which act as training for the main game. Firstly players must try and complete each level and gain a high enough grade to unlock the next set of missions, there are infinite lives to be had and unlimited attempts to clear the stage, however the longer you take the lower grade you will receive, making the player learn the most effective ways to clear the stage. The first set of missions sees you trying to destroy a certain number of targets in the fastest time, your character can hover using their multi directional beam so hitting targets is quite simple, however if you shoot your gun for too long then it will overheat leaving it useless for a short time. Achieving a minimum of C grades on all levels will unlock the next set of challenges, this time a race to the end of the level all the while dodging trip wire activated lasers and bouncing on bubbles to avoid floating mines. The single player mode is a limited but still fun to have a blast on every now and again, and trying to achieve a perfect A rating is definitely a challenge.

Capsule Force is one of those Retro Futuristic throwbacks to a simpler (and arguably more fun) era of gaming, the controls are nigh on perfect and the difficulty level is challenging but never unfair. Make no mistake though this game shines in multiplayer mode but while the single player mode is fun for a while, it isn’t a game you will come back to repeatedly.


Capsule Force was reviewed on PS4.

Developed by Klobit

Published by Iron Galaxy Studios

Disclaimer – In order to complete this review, we received a code for the game.