That Trivia Game Review – Simple, stripped back and fun

That Trivia Game has finally launched on the PS4 in the EU – should you download it and put on your thinking cap? Or should you put on your coat and head down to the pub quiz?

That Trivia Game is very simplistic. Unlike a lot of other quiz games, a lot of the grandiose and scene setting is stripped back. What you are left with is 4 rounds of pure trivia quizzing. No gimmicks, no mad-cap tricks, just question after question.

At the start of any game, That Trivia Game asks you to pick a character. This has no real bearing on the game but allows you to customise how you look. There is a pirate, a punk, a few nerdy looking people and a hand full of others to choose from.


The main quiz proper of That Trivia Game is made up of 4 rounds, the subject of which you get to choose before they begin. The first is a straight up multiple choice quiz. This is followed by a “count-down” round where an answer is removed every few seconds also reducing the points haul. The third is a fastest finger first round and the final round is where answers are presented on-screen and you have to press X when the correct one is displayed.

The first 3 rounds are interesting but it is unfortunate that the last round, the round that feels the most simplistic, carries the most points to win (and lose, as an incorrect answer triggers a hefty points penalty) which almost ruins the game.

That Trivia Game is a great party starter. The controls are simplistic, the 4 answers to any question are mapped to the 4 controller buttons, meaning anyone can pick it up and play. The majority of questions are fun head scratcher which your average pub quiz attendee would struggle with (such as “On which day of the week are Heart Attacks most common?”).

The greatest shame about That Trivia Game is that the multiplayer requires multiple controllers. The game is so reasonably priced that it is a crying shame that nearly £150 worth of Dualshock 4 is required for a 4 player game. A pass-the-controller option would have been greatly appreciated.

That Trivia Game is a simplistic, stripped back, no-nonsense quiz game. That Trivia Game could have done with some expanded modes, a pass-the-controller mode and a longer single player quiz but for the price, you will be hard pressed to find anything better.

That Trivia Game was developed by Happy Dance Games is out now on the PS4.

Sean Davies

Heart Failure Analyst by day, Review Editor by night. Co-Founder of PSGamer.co.uk, father to 3 and avid trophy hunter.

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