The PlayStation Now beta has rolled out across America today. Any hope you may have had of reliving some classic PS3 gaming moments may have been dashed thanks to the insane prices Sony have slapped on the rental service.

To have a four hour stint on Final Fantasy XIII-2 will cost you $4.99. For a three month rental, the game will set you back a whopping $29.99! I’m no mathematician but even I know if you shop around you could buy the game outright for less.

Granted, this is only a beta and prices are subject to change before the service rolls out. And, there are plans for a subscription service in the future. But still, If you sign up for a beta to test the service, you don’t expect to pay for it.

We won’t have a clear idea on prices until the service launches over here, stay tuned to PSGamer for more news when it happens.

Source: kotaku