Mikael Haveri, the head of self-publishing at Housemarque, has taken to the PSBlog to unveil some new details about the tactical team shooter Alienation.

Haveri announced that there will be a plethora of customisation in Alienation come release date;

Since the game features three main character classes, plenty of loot and a ton of weapon customisations, the number of different team set-ups is astronomical. […] Customising your character layouts will give you and your team a distinct advantage over the beasts from beyond. Many soldiers have returned from the field in a body bag after heading out with too much confidence. The run and gun strategy will get you a few victories, but it will not win the war. Coordination and building trust with your teammates will ultimately be the difference between life and death. This trial will not be an easy one, but let’s make sure that the slimebags know that they have come to the wrong planet.

This information came complete with a new gallery of screenshots;

Alienation, which was announced at Gamescom 2014, is a tactical team based shooter where the main objective is to defeat waves of aliens – with a twist. Like most other Housemarque games, the high score is really the master and you can turn on your team mates in the hopes of earning a higher score.

Alienation is coming to the PS4 as a console exclusive.