Skylanders-esque title coming this year from Warner Bros.

Well, this is interesting. It’s one of those ideas that you’ve never thought of but then once it gets announced you wonder why it hasn’t happened already.

Warner Bros. is creating to LEGO ‘toys-to-life’ game due for release this year, so say

The title, which no doubt is in development at TT Games -The home of the wonderful LEGO games – and will go head to head with titles such as Skylanders from Activision and Disney Infinity, and will launch alongside a range of LEGO figures which will be compatible with the game.

Whilst WB have declined to comment, Tim Wileman spoke to saying this,

“We’re always trying to push the boundaries of what it can achieve with the franchise. Watch this space.

I don’t want to focus too much on the other games at the moment but what I will say is, like I say, we’re always looking to push the boundaries on these games in terms of the scope and the potential and we’re ambitious in that respect.

So although I can’t go into any specific details now, rest assured that is the case and we’re always trying to push the boundaries. So watch this space.”

Until then, we have the fantastic looking LEGO Jurassic World coming soon, along with LEGO Avengers both dropping this year.

Check out the trailer for LEGO Jurassic World below.

Source [VideoGamer]