Where we learn that we need Morpheus. And we need it now. And Troy Baker is AWESOME.

This week on PSGamecast 8, well, we’ve had a hell of a week.

PSGamecast 8 – Troy Baker, Mike Bithell, Bryan Gale, EGX Rezzed (Right click here to download directly)

It began on Thursday when Mr. Sean Davies and I hit EGX Rezzed in Tobacco Dock to check out the latest indie games on the scene. We’ll talk all about our experiences on PSGamecast 8 including Volume, Bloodborne, Skyscrappers and the truly brilliant Radial G, among plenty others.

Sean also had the honour to briefly speak to Volume/Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell about his latest work.

Finally, Ross travelled down to London Town to meet the biggest name in the voice-over industry, Mr. Troy Baker. They discuss the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands Episode, Ashley Johnson’s recent BAFTA win, his brilliant album Sitting in the Fire among many other topics, including VR Porn. You just kinda have to listen to it.

Not forgetting our time at PAX East, Tim also gives us the lowdown on Severed from DrinkBox Studios.


Give a listen below. It’s jam packed full of gaming goodness from beginning to end. Enjoy.

For your reference, head to these times in the cast to find the interviews –
28m.03s – Bryan Gale
34m.31s – Mike Bithell
1h 00m 00s – Troy Baker

Episode 8 – Troy Baker, Mike Bithell, Bryan Gale, EGX Rezzed by Psgamer.Co.Uk on Mixcloud