PS4 vs. Xbox One Multiplatform Resolution & FPS Revisited – Has the Xbox One caught up?

It has been 8 months since we first published our PS4 vs. Xbox One Multiplatform game comparison and a lot has changed since then. The Xbox One has divorced the Kinect, freeing up 8-12% (depending on which source you trust) of processing power under the hood and both consoles have had SDK updates making them both more accessible and easier to develop for.

When we published our comparison back in July 2014, the PS4 had a distinct advantage. A third (31%) of all multiplatform games had a higher resolution and frame rate on the PS4 – but have things changed? Has the boost from cutting the Kinect-dedicated memory improved the Xbox One’s visual fidelity?

The short answer is no. Below is the list of every noteworthy retail multiplatform game that has released since our original article and if anything, the Xbox One’s position has worsened.

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Of the 25 games on this list, the Xbox One fails to hit 1080p 12 times (48%). In comparison, the PS4 only fails to hit the native resolution twice – in Assassin’s Creed Unity & Battlefield: Hardline. No Xbox One multiplatform game has managed to achieve a higher resolution than the PS4 version of the same game since both consoles launched. The lowest resolution that the PS4 has achieved in the past 8 months is 900p. On the other hand, the Xbox One has had 3 games (Pre Evolution Soccer 15, Golf Club and Battlefield: Hardline) that have released with a resolution of 720p.

As for Frame Rates, the Xbox One has performed admirably, matching the PS4 across all but one (Warframe) of the 25 games on this list.

As stated in our previous article, this table does not take into consideration other aspects such as texture detail, depth of field, anti-aliasing, dynamic lighting and reflections and other technical wizardry which can make a 900p game look just as impressive as a game in 1080p. Visuals can also be a subjective matter, where a game looks darker or uses a more colourful palette and appears more appealing even though it has a lower resolution. An example of this is with Assassin’s Creed Unity where both consoles rach the same frame rate and resolution but stuttering and a more vivid colour palette mean the Xbox One version looks subjectively better than the PS4 version.

With the possibility that DX12 will reduce the Xbox One’s memory overhead and the estimated 15% ESRAM optimisation thanks to PIX, the Xbox One may be consistently matching the PS4 at 1080p in the near future. Of course, the teams at Sony are not resting on their laurels and the ICE team are already using a system very similar to DX12.

Unfortunately, the resolution woes of the Xbox One continue for the time being. Battlefield: Hardline is the latest game to suffer, releasing at 720p on the Xbox One.


Sean Davies

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    • John Nemesh
    • March 9

    You see, the thing about console hardware is that it doesn’t change. The chart you post is nice and all, but the ONLY way you see any kind of parity is when the game developers CHOOSE to have their game run at the same resolution in most cases. Even then, NEW games like Battlefield Hardline are showing up running at 900p on PS4 and 720p on Xbox One. You can make all of the arguments you want to, but in the end, the PS4 has SIGNIFICANTLY more power, and the games reflect that! What is especially telling is when a game is exclusive to PS4. Last of Us Remastered runs at full 1080p and while it does have parts where the framerate drops a bit, most of the game runs at a full 60fps. Tell yourself it doesn’t matter all you want, the people who buy the better hardware instead of having blind loyalty to a brand have already decided that PS4 is the way to go. 20+ million others agree with me on this.

    • Cerny's Super Slim Cunty Cock OMG
    • March 9

    Current gen consoles will be obsolete in a year or two. They have to compromise something to reach 60fps or/and 1080P, struggling is an understatement.

    • andy
    • March 10

    Err Xbone throughout 2014 managed to reach the same 1080p standard for most CROSS GEN/LAST GEN games like Destiny, Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry 4. Even then in the case of Far Cry 4 and others it still didn’t manage to hit a measly full 1080p. So I think it is actually quite worrying that the Xbone is still struggling with games that also came to the 360, and we aren’t even talking about actual next gen games like Sunset Overdrive (about the only exclusive next gen game that comes to mind for the console that isn’t a simple driving genre game).
    What is the resolution going to be like on the first major AAA Unreal Engine 4 games on Xbone when it even suffered running the Unreal 3 engine game Thief???

    So in short, no Xbone has not gained much ground on PS4, even with the much talked about and hyped up, every single month, SDK updates, something which we never had to worry about before with previous consoles but because of the worrying weakness of Xbone since Oct 2013, this is something that has to be reassured every 3 months.

    • OC_guy72
    • March 10

    For the most part the X1 has caught up… Seems the real issues are when hack companies do a hack conversion such as with Battlefield: Hardline. No reason that game shouldn’t be higher resolution with 60 fps on PS4 and X1.

    • Wobblypops
    • March 10

    @ John Nemesh

    Play those sales numbers all you want we all know that it’s all just hype. As for resolution it’s meant nothing in the past and it means nothing now.

    People buy the XBO because they like the exclusives. As for other reasons to own an XBO lets see.. DLNA and MP3 support, snap, suspend and resume, external hard-drive support, better and faster updates, better and more apps, Skype, 300K servers = better bandwidth = less lag, better matchmaking, more stable online. Yeah, those look like some pretty solid reasons to own an XBO to me man maybe you’re the one with the blind loyalty problem?

    • OC_guy72
    • March 10

    John Nemesh… Could it be that for Battlefield it was programed first on PS4 before X1?… Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t, but that could have a lot to do with it. First find out if it was optimized for the X1 and the PS4 for that matter. I doubt it was for either. Was the ESram used properly on the X1? If not, and it looks like it wasn’t you usually get lower res. That’s pretty much been the case with all the cross plats where X1 has had resolution issues. I’m not saying the PS4 in not more powerful than the X1, because it is. But to say it is significantly more powerful just shows you have zero idea what you are talking about. It’s nice you are a Sony fanboy but it would be nicer if you kept it to yourself. Fact is, it looks as though EA phoned Battlefield in as both the PS4 and X1 versions should be running at higher resolution with full 60 fps. Instead of trolling over why you are so awesome because mommy and daddy bought you a PS4 for Christmas you should be more upset that EA keeps doing this. So yes, it does matter when companies like EA put out the least amount of effort for maximum profit. They have been doing this for years now. Last Gen, the 360 was the system of choice to program on and the PS3 suffered on occasion because of it. Should it have? No. Some companies simply didn’t want to spend the extra time for proper development. Which is awful and too many gamers turn a blind eye to it. Also, remember the biggest thing, the games. Want to know why some people don’t agree with you in regard to the PS4? Could it be that many games they prefer to play are only coming out for the X1, or Nintendo WiiU? Sometimes people actually choose what to get based on preference and enjoyment… Not what the older kids at school will think of them. Seriously, you must be 14 years old.

    • The Truth
    • March 10

    Ah yes, the delicious $0N¥ PauperStation desperation once again. I see a lot of 30fps in that PoS4 list and we all know most of those aren’t solid.
    $0N¥ Paupers are the ultimate losers at real life and can’t afford proper hardware that runs those games at a solid 60fps.
    Poor John Nemesh and andy, showing their low IQ with every N4Gtard newspost, it’s hilarious watching them shill for a dying paupercompany like $0N¥.

    • Riseer
    • March 10

    Both consoles are weak thanks to those low-end AMD cores.If consoles could had waited another year or so i could see MS and Sony going with Nvidia’s Maxwell GPU config along with Intel.Ps4 has a hardware advantage still,the issue is when you are porting games from Pc to Xone it’s a very easy conversion,Ps4 has a setting that mimics DX11 closely the issue with it is it isn’t low level so performance suffers.You can tell when a port is done right just look at Dark souls 2 Tomb Raider The Last of Us, those games use the performance low-level programming setting.Ps4 is more powerful but who cares both consoles lack the Cpu performance,the only thing that may actually help is GPGPU but that is a might.

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