It seems we have been waiting forever for the GTA Online Heists. I know I have. But the good news is there really isn’t that long to wait until you can get your grubby hands on this new mode. What’s even better news is that the update will bring new missions, modes and challenges!

Here are the new modes for your viewing pleasure.

Come out and Play:
This mode is a  three-on-three mode. One team has to make it home with only one life each, but have access to all kinds of vehicles. The other team remains on foot, but can respawn indefinitely.

Siege Mentality
This new mode sees four players or a crew trapped in a location who have to face off against six attackers who are armed only with shotguns. The idea is to hold off the attackers for as long as possible

Hasta La Vista
Perhaps the strangest sounding new mode. Here players have to escape a gangs of truckers but only have access to bicycles. Get squashed, then it’s game over. how odd, but potentially hilarious.

The new update will also bring some new Freemode activities with regular faces calling you up for help. There will also be daily objectives which offer a collection of rotating challenges for you to tackle. Apparently their new missions will be added each day

So that’s all the latest we have on the Heist Update. Certainly sounds like it was worth the wait. The new update will be available on Tuesday, 10th March for PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360. Our advice is to wait a month before getting amongst it to make sure the servers have calmed down a bit.