HD Remasters are all the rage these days. Almost every publisher is getting in on the action, sifting through their back catalogue to resurrect the pick of the bunch. Borderlands, MX Vs. ATV, Darksiders II, DmC and Final Fantasy X will soon be joining Grim Fandango, Saints Row IV, The Last of Us and so many more that have had a second bite of the cherry on PS4.

Of course, your opinion on any HD remaster is purely subjective but there are some games that sit on top of almost everybody’s wish list. Unfortunately, those games that are universally craved are most likely to be nothing but pipe dreams. Here are 6 games that really deserve HD Remasters but are unlikely to get one.



It has been 4 years since we became the Dragonborn and took an arrow to the knee. The game play, refined since Oblivion, and all-consuming world killed off our social lives as we traded in our real world friends for our fictional wives and the Brotherhood of Shadow. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still stands out as one of the best games on the PS3 and the thirst for a PS4 Remaster is real.

So why won’t it happen? Quite simply, Bethesda have too many other things going on. We can safely assume that there are new Fallout and Elder Scrolls games in development. There is a new Doom and the new IP Battlecry on their way. They are still supporting Elder Scrolls Online and The Evil Within with new content. There is also that heavily rumoured Dishonoured II that feels all-but-confirmed. Skyrim is a huge game and remastering it for current-gen consoles is probably quite a way down the Bethesda “to-do” list after all their new projects.
Of all the publishers that are recycling their games for the PS4, Bethesda are not one of them. They have not yet announced, never mind released, a “Remaster” on current gen consoles. Even though there have been some heavy rumours circulating about Skyrim Remastered making an appearance at Bethesda’s E3 Presentation, most of these have been hopeful speculation rather than solid leads.

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