In which we learn Sean has a deep, uncompromising love for Sam Worthington. 

PSGamecast is back with Episode V – Fifty Shades of Kratos. < Right click here to download directly.


This week we discuss the big topics of the week, including whatever it is that Bethesda will be dropping at E3. We then talk Grand Theft Auto V becoming the best selling non-bundled game of all time(!). We also get our film geek hats on and discuss Assassins’ Creed and where we want it to go and who we really want as our hooded hero (hint – Ali G!).

Sean also gets deep about Evolve. Is it worth picking up?

Along with that we talk about THAT Hitman trailer and how we’d deeply prefer to see our bald protagonist portrayed as a villain rather than a hero which he definitely isn’t.

Finally, we talk about Spider-Man and his return to the Marvel Universe, and what this means for Captain America: Civil War and the MCU as a whole, along with whether or not we need another Peter Parker in our Spidey movies.

It all gets a bit daft by the end, but it’s a thrilling ride.

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