Now this is perhaps a match made in heaven. Developers of the megalicious Resogun are teaming up with legendary game developer Eugene Jarvis the guy behind such greats as Defender, Robotron and the magnificent Smash TV.

That’s right Housemarque and Jarvis got together and chatted about the state of video games, more specifically the state of arcades and old school gaming in general. Amongst all the chitter chatter Jarvis revealed he is working on a new game in conjunction with Housemarque, his first team up since the ill-fated Cruis’n USA.

“When I saw Resogun I couldn’t believe how these Housemarque guys took Defender to a new level. I wondered… what would happen if we teamed up? Mash up old school arcade with mad voxel tech and crazed nouveau Helsinki gamers… All I know now is that it is going to be explosive”.

This is just absolutely great news when you think about the Resogun and Dead Nation and how similar they are to Defender and Smash TV the mind boggles as to what we can expect when the team up reveal their first game in this new endeavour, a Smash TV remake would suit me just fine with online and local co-op please.