Damn you Sony, you bring out the best console in the world, but only allow users of your Xperia phones to play remotely via their phone. Poor show. Or is it…

See, thanks to an unofficial port of Sony’s Official PS4 remote play app, it now possible (or so it seems) to stream games like GTA V or The Last of Us straight to your Android phone.

As you can see in the video below, YouTuber NightmareTacoGaming is playing Destiny on his Samsung mobile phone. This is all thanks to an Android APK from TheScriptKitty which extends the functionality to devices other than the Xperia range.

It even has a fully working touch screen control pad, which gives me the fear, but there are some extra hoops to jump through if you want to hook up your bluetooth control pad. It’s all described in the video or you can head over to this Reddit post to read up on how to install the APK

I won’t even begin to tell you how it all works, best just check out the video. BUT be warned all of this is unofficial which could lead to some kind crap happening to your phone and what not. Just keep that in mind.