Dying light has been out for around two weeks now. It has received mixed reviews. We quite liked it, especially at night where we are treated to all kinds of terror.

But one aspect that hasn’t received that much attention is the PvP ‘zombie mode’ which has seen several million matches so far. This is great news of Techland and the rise of the popular 4v1 multiplayer.

To celebrate the news Techland have released a “special” gameplay video today narrated by lead game designer Maciej Binkowski. The trailer focuses on the lone Night hunter and showcases various techniques that can be used when invading games of human survivors.

Also as a special treat, the video features a code that gamers can redeem to receive a powerful in-game weapon. To redeem the code head on over to Dockets.DyingLightGame.com  Once there you’ll receive a weapon docket that can be exchanged for a top-tier weapon at the Quartermaster in the game.

Signing up and linking your platform to your Weapon Dockets account is necessary to use weapon dockets in Dying Light.