The annual Global Games Jam, the worlds largest games jam which spans a January weekend each year, has produced some fantastic results over the past few years, some of which are taken forward beyond the jam and are developed into a full release.

Futurlab, the studio behind Coconut Dodge and the incredible Velocity 2X, took part in Global Game Jam 2015 and their results were so impressive, they are taking their entry “Squishfits” into full production and intend on bringing the game to consoles.

Inspired by a hilarious Japanese game show (that may look very familiar i.e. Hole In The Wall) SquishFits lets you “takes control of a shape that can move left, right, jump and also rotate in 90 degree increments. Walls containing shaped holes are constantly approaching the players, and threaten to squish them. Players have to quickly figure out where their shape must fit into the hole and position themselves accordingly to avoid being squished.”


Futurlab have a special relationship with Sony and PlayStation, releasing a plethora of exclusive titles on the PS4 and PSVita, so it is likely that Squishfits will be seeing a release on one of Sony’s devices. During the jam, Squishfits was also tested using an Xbox 360 controller so it may also be coming to an Xbox.

Of course, we love Futurlab here at PSGamer (you may have heard Ross and I waxing lyrical about them on the PSGamecast) and as fun as SquishFits looks after a 48 hour Game Jam, we can’t wait to see what the game will look like when they bring it to consoles.