Let’s hear it for New York!

Heads up! A new announcement event has just been sent for a private Playstation event in New York City on the 14th February where a ‘new Playstation initiative’ will be seemingly announced.

Between 3-6pm local time in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of and there’s nothing you can’t do, attendees must be over 18 to attend with the most wonderful of all things, an open bar, available to those 21 and over. Unreleased games will also be playable and celebrities will be in attendance. It seems like quite the shebang, but what are they announcing?

It’s unclear at this point, however if we’re gonna speculate we’d imagine it may go in line with the rumours of a hardware upgrade, although it seems far too early at this point. We shall see.

PSTV 2? Ha, I kid I know nobody wants that.