PlayStation console exclusive Dragon’s Dogma Online announced

MMORPG’s are undergoing a mini-revival these days and Capcom is the latest to get aboard the band wagon with Dragon’s Dogma Online – and it is a PS3 and PS4 console exclusive.

UPDATE: Capcom have released the first trailer for Dragon’s Dogma Online:


Set in the same universe as the PS3 title Dragon’s Dogma, this free-to-play MMO will let you and 3 friends team up to battle it out against monsters, ghouls and huge dragons. A few scans from the latest Famitsu which revealed Dragon’s Dogma Online are below;

Coming from Kento Kinoshita, the director of the original Dragons Dogma, and producer Minae Matsukawa who also worked on the 2 of the Ace Attorney titles, Dragons Dogma 2 promises open world adventures, a lobby area supporting up to 100 players, dragons, ongoing content updates, timed events, dragons and did I mention dragons?

There are currently no announcements of a US or European release for Dragon’s Dogma Online but we can at least pray that Capcom see the need for this on our shores.



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