Beyond Flesh and Blood is coming to the PS4 later this year


Manchester. The bustling city that bought us Joy Division, Oasis, one of the best long standing rivalries in the Premier League and now a Mech Shooter called Beyond Flesh and Blood – coming to the PS4 later this year.

Developed and based on the Midlands city, Beyond Flesh and Blood is set on a dystopian version of Earth that has been ruined after a global war. The last remnants of civilised humanity have escaped the devastation by boarding an anchored space station called The Tree of Life. Those left on the surface scavenge what they can to survive.

Tensions between those on the surface and the population of The Tree of Life boil over when a meteor strikes the planet and the U.G.R (United Global Remnant) are sent in to reclaim tactical control of Earth by setting up signal towers to open up a communication network.

Beyond Flash and Blood has you take control of a mech suit called a Tactical Combat Frame (T.C.F) which will come in handy when you are fighting off waves of human and alien enemies alike. The T.C.F comes complete with stealth camo, speed boosts, anti-grav jumps, remote hacking technology and slow motion gunning which will help you navigate the real world Manchester locations that have been re-imagined as desolate war zones.
While the game is still in early development (Pre-Alpha), it is already shaping up nicely with a lot of the game play features in place and the real world locations already taking shape.

Developers Pixel Bomb are aiming to release Beyond Flesh and Blood in 2015 for the PS4 as well as PC and Xbox One.

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