Aaah, PlayStation trophies. The staple daily diet of many a gamer – including myself. Hunting those elusive Platinum trophies, yearning for that final “pop” and that rush of satisfaction. They are an addictive edge to an already time-consuming hobby.

Since they were introduced back in 2009, the PlayStation Trophy system has remained relatively unchanged, the biggest change coming in the form of the “Rarity” details which arrived along side the PS4. While Sony have been quite happy to leave the system alone, third-party websites like and have been doing wondrous things with the PlayStation Trophy data – an it is about time that Sony followed suit.

With this in mind, we created this list of 5 changes that would greatly improve PlayStation Trophies.

1. Trophy Unlock Data Charts

One of the most interesting things that third parties have been able to do with the PlayStation Trophy data is produce a plethora of graphs and charts. The above is a capture of my own stats from and it makes for an interesting read. I can see what time of day I earn the majority of trophies, what day of the week I unlock the most and my progress over time stretching back since I unlocked my first every trophy (Beginner – Motorstorm Pacific Rim) – but Sony could do so much more with this data. If they were to categorise each PlayStation game with a genre (i.e. Beat-’em-up, First Person Shooter, Action/Adventure, etc) Sony could use the trophy data to tell us what types of games we spend the most time on. If they were to attribute the name of the developer and publisher to each game, they could tell us whose games we play the most and which we stick around to Platinum. Using this data, on what games we play the most, Sony could then recommend others who have the same tastes or even more games to buy if . It feels like these are all missed opportunities – all the data is there and these additions would make trophies more useful than just an addictive side-show.

2. Trophy Boasting

When you finally crack that pesky Platinum trophy that has been keeping you busy for the past week, you want to tell everyone about it – in fact, you often want to scream it from the rooftops. Sometimes, catching a screenshot like the above is difficult and is a one time opportunity – but it doesn’t have to be. Sony could implement an “Auto-Screen Shot” option which captures the moment when a Platinum unlocks, or even better, records the last 15 seconds of game play and saves it away. It would also be nice to be able to turn this footage into a gif so that it can be shared on Twitter or Tumblr.

3. PlayStation Trophy Rewards

Remember the “Greatness Awaits” trophy auction? In this PR event, you could bid your gold trophies in an attempt to win articles from the Greatness Awaits PS4 advert. Did you also know you could unlock PSHome clothing items along side PlayStation trophies in certain games? It would be great to see Sony do more of these promotions – for example, Themes, Avatars, discounts on DLC or even downloadable tracks from the game’s soundtrack for games that you unlock the Platinum trophy of.

4. A Trophy Cabinet

Everyone has a selection of their favourite PlayStation trophies. Whether it is because the game was particularly hard, it was for an amazing game or because it was a personal milestone, some trophies are a little bit more special than the rest. It would be nice to have a “Trophy Cabinet” where we could display our personal favourites for the whole world to see.

5. Optional Trophy Lists

There is an element of OCD to collecting PlayStation trophies. Getting that percentage to 100% to scratch that itch at the back of your mind – you know what I am talking about. Oh course, since the firmware now allows it, it is possible to hide trophy lists so that you cannot see them – but that’s not the point. Out of sight is out of mind but lets face it, we know they are still there, somewhere. What would be better – at least for us with OCD – would be an option not to unlock trophies for a game. That would save us having trophy lists full of games with 0% unlocked because we borrowed them from a friend for a few hours.

6. Trophy Progress Updates

Steam does it. The Xbox One does it. The PS4 should do it. It would be nice to know how many headshots we are away from the required 50. It would also be nice to know when we have failed a missable trophy – playing the whole game only to find we took some damage early on and missed the opportunity to unlock a trophy is hella-annoying.

So, now you have read our suggestions, what would you change about PlayStation trophies? Add a new trophy type perhaps? Let us know in the comments section below.