‘Living the dream baby! And that dream is fucked’.

Grand Theft Auto V has finally dropped on PS4 and we have spent a good while playing the game. Whilst we await our full written review, here’s what we thought about our very first quick playthrough. 27 thoughts, actually.

1. It’s here! And it’s come with stickers! Result. I have no use for these though, if you’d like them, comment below with your favourite part of GTA V next-gen and we’ll pick a random winner.


2. Right. Time to load this bad boy up. It’s installed painlessly, which is a good sign. Now for the epic install. This is a screen I’ve been looking at for quite some time. Meh.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126103957

3. Still waiting. Now displaying calibration. Does anybody not just turn this all the way up? Eh? Just me? 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126105206

4. Hurrah! We’re all set. Let’s go Los Santos!

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126105319

5. Oh, wait. Nope. More loading to do.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126105218 

6. We’re in! Lets go. In a split second, I realised how much I missed this game. It’s just brilliant, I haven’t had much fun in gaming this year. Grand Theft Auto V brings it all back in a split second.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126105410

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126105700

7. First real glimpse at this games upgraded visuals. It’s pretty stunning. 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126110023

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126110054

8. Getaway over. Michael is in a bad way. Trevor has escaped. GRAND THEFT AUTO V PS4. GAME ON.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126110534

9. We rejoin Michael in a meeting with his psychiatrist. Damn look at his face. These visuals are making me weep.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126110643

10. Oh it just gets better. A deep breath and a stark reminder that GTA V is back, and we’re about to get unashamedly chaotic.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126110824

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126110846

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126110900

11. Franklin! Good to see you pal. We’re about to jack some cars and tear it across Los Santos all over again. ‘Tax returns, 501K’s and all?’. The difference in the visuals are definitely evident here. All the small details really make a difference. 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126111011

12. Right, time to check out this first person malarkey. First impressions are in all the details, it’s jumping out at you immediately. The speedometer, the rear-view mirror. Stunning, not a hint of frame-drop. Was certainly wise to scale it back to 30 FPS. Driving this way may take a while to get used to though. 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126111211

13. Hmm, yes. I’m gonna have to put some serious practice in. Does that mean playing Grand Theft Auto V more? DAMN.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126111616

14. Mission passed! Success. I’ll jump back into the missions at some point. For now though, I just want to run around and cause some chaos.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126112135

15. First though. Franklin needs a haircut. I remember when I played this first time round last-gen thinking that Franklin, despite his pent up, no bullshit demeanor was very self-conscious. Almost insecure in parts. I wanna make sure he’s looking his best, even if his style is in my hands and I genuinely have no idea what style is. So I went for this…

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126112431

16.  Now he has an epic beard. I’m not sure how the hairdresser did this. Perhaps she took hair off my head and then placed it upon my face? I’m just gonna have to accept this. Right. Time to cause some mayhem. First person style.

Look at the hairdresser, I don’t think she even likes what she’s done.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126112455

17. Time to hit Ammu-Nation with my $500,000 in-game bonus. Hell yes. 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126112800

18. I arrive and wanted to check out the colour tint that appears when you wear a pair of glasses in first-person. That seems to logical thing to do when walking into a store as to where you can buy assault rifles and any number of freely available explosives.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126113111

RESULT! That’s a neat touch. I’m not gonna play the whole game like this though so I’ll just as quickly take them off as I put them on. 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126113138

19.  Next stop, Los Santos Customs. Gotta sort out my battered up ride. Which I do, and then proceed to drive like an old lady as not to ruin it all over again. It did not last long. I hit the freeway and get crushed and thrown out of my front window.

Brilliant. TAXI! 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126113742

20. Right. Taxi to the fair. This is all too much, need to clear my head. Look, you can see the ferris wheel from here. Stunning.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126114128

21. It’s rare I take the entire cab ride, but I did here. Just to look around y’know?

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126114304

22. Ah, the Pleasure Pier. Time to find an innocent and end their perfectly happy life for no other reason than to appeal to my twisted gratification.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126115137
Grand Theft Auto V_20141126115211
22. I decide to murder this guy in cold blood for no reason. I did it in first-person and for some reason it does feel a little awkward. We’ve spent hours upon hours shooting people in first person without blinking an eye, the power is given to us to shoot the shit out of whoever the hell we want and through your own eyes it feels oddly unsettling. Still, a quick shot to the head will end this poor guys suffering. Probably only wanted to check out a ride. Or he’s a paedophile on the hunt. In which case, YOU’RE WELCOME LIFE.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126115337

23. The cops are on my ass. I get out my Assault Rifle I claimed from Ammu-Nation and lay waste to the Enforcement of the Law who stand in my way. I will escape. I’ve done it a million times. Look, I don’t wanna kill nobody, but if I need to get through that door and you’re in my way…one way or another you’re getting out of my way. HA, Buscemi.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126115512

24. I keep moving long into the night. The cops aren’t giving up, despite me trashing their vehicles and killing a good portion of their men. I trash my car and shoot two more cops to steal theirs. I hike it out of there up the mountains and the sun begins to rise as I’m chased up the mountain by a helicopter shooting up my ride. I’m gonna get out of this dead or alive. Preferably alive, but we’ll see. My health isn’t looking so good as I trek higher and higher into the mountains. 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126115636

25. I did it! I escaped with my life and found a freakin’ beautiful spot to look over the glorious vastness of next-gen Grand Theft Auto V. I’m giving myself a moment to take it all in and I can’t quite believe what I’m seeing. How utterly stunning.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126120157

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126120140

I feel somewhat like Ocean’s Eleven when they get away with a bank heist. Just need the piano music. Y’know, this one?

26. Same view, but in first-person. Goosebumps.

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126120434

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126120501

27. I then jumped down to the next platform. And I died. After all that. Good old GTA. 

Grand Theft Auto V_20141126120522

So a quick blast on next-gen Grand Theft Auto V confirmed my suspicions that this is the definitive edition of the game. I’m blown away by the visuals and how smooth everything is. You get the feeling playing the game that this is the version Rockstar wanted to make all, but were stuck behind the constraints of the previous generations console power. There’s nothing wrong with the originals, they are still both masterpieces in their own right, but to have an all new masterpiece all over again to play with upgraded visuals, new features and a tonne of side content to get into, you know next-gen GTA will be an experience unlike any other, and one you’ll happily come back to time and time again. I most definitely missed Trevor, Michael and Franklin as I got on with 2014 gaming and like I said at the top, nothing – bar Velocity 2X – has really grabbed me this year. That’s why I’m so glad the inescapable freedom of Grand Theft Auto has returned back into my life, reminding me why my PS4 is sat under my TV in the first place. Whilst it may be a game I’ve already completed and seen all four endings to, it’s still a game of such magnitude, to say anything otherwise than JUST GET IT would do the game a disservice. And that’s ultimately not what it deserves.

Look out for our full written review coming very soon and much more coverage of Grand Theft Auto V PS4 in the coming weeks. There is still so much more to see.

Like I said up top if you fancy getting your hands on the sticker pack we showcased then let us know what you think of GTA V PS4 in the comments below and we’ll pick a random winner and throw them you’re way. Please make sure you’re in the UK and on Twitter.