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Returning GTA 5 players will get ‘exclusive content’ on PS4

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If you were planning on picking up GTA 5 on PS4 this fall you will be rewarded for your continued patronage.  Returning players will receive a bevy of new activities, cars, weapons, a murder mystery and more according to an announcement by Rockstar today.

Some of the new activities include a Wildlife Photo Challenge where players must document all the new wildlife in Los Santos and Blaine County. When players complete the challenge they will receive the Kraken sub.  The newest weapons include the Rail Gun and the Hatchet, both guaranteed to do extensive damage in their own right.  Players will also be able to compete in new Stock Car races that will yield them muscle cars to add to their collection.  Speaking of cars, the Imponte Duke O’Death, pictured above, looks like something straight of Mad Max and will certainly assist in all your carnal pleasures.

As far as the murder mystery is concerned, it will star Michael, one of the game’s main protagonists.  The press release revealed this much about the new content.

“As Michael, follow a trail of cryptic clues to unravel a grisly murder mystery.  Put the clues together and you’ll unlock two Noir Style Filters, which will give your Story Mode gameplay and Snapmatic photos the feel of a gritty old school crime classic.”

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Other important things addressed by Rockstar included information about GTA Online and content that been downloaded by previous players of the last-gen version.  Players can transfer their GTA Online character into the PS4 version of the game once and progress their online career from there.  You can still play with your character on the PS3 version of the game, but no progress will transfer to the PS4 version.  Jobs created on the last-gen version will transfer over and 30 person GTA Online sessions will carry over as well.  Special edition content that was downloaded for the PS3 version will also be made available to those who pick up the current-gen version at no additional charge.

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Those who pre-order GTA 5 on Playstation 4 will also receive an additional $1,000,000 in in-game currency to be divided equally for offline and online play.

Unfortunately none of the new content being created for the PS4 version of GTA 5 will be made available to owners of the PS3 version due to technical limitations.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to Playstation 4 on November 18th,2014.

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