Every single confirmed PS4 Game (including the 44 exclusives) coming in 2015

The PS4, Xbox One  and Wii U are about to enter their most important part of the year. Setting up an appealing product for the last quarter of 2014 is essential because millions of Xbox One’s, PS4’s and Wii U’s are about to go flying off the shelves in the holiday rush. All 3 companies have primed their salvoes in the form of their Q4 exclusive titles, money hats and exclusive content and are preparing to bombard us with everything they can to get us to buy their console.

As important as it is to evaluate all of the games on offer at Christmas, it is as important to consider that (to paraphrase a famous quote), “a console is for the next decade, not just for Christmas”. Unless you are intending on getting all 3 of the Xbox One, Wii U and PS4, picking the right console for you is important, especially when you look at the plethora of amazing games coming in 2015.

To help you make up your mind, we have pulled together a list of every single game confirmed to be coming to the PS4 in 2015, including 44 exclusives (Timed, Platform, Console).

If we have missed any games off this list that you think thoroughly deserve to be on here, head to the comments, let us know and we will update the post as soon as we can.

Multi – Multiplatform
Exclusive – Exclusive to the PS4.
Console – A console exclusive (available on PC but not the Wii U or Xbox One).
Platform – Will also be available on PS3/Vita.
Content – Will feature exclusive content on the PS4.

Bloodborne – Exclusive

From Software are on a roll. Dark Souls is a revelation in terms of game design and difficulty and now they are brining a similar experience exclusively to the PS4. It’s darker, dingier and could actually be more difficult than Dark Souls (as only 1% of players managed to finish the TGS demo).

Dying Light – Multi

Developers Techland have handed their first Zombie series, Dead Island, over to Yager Games who are working on the sequel (page 3 of this list) so that they concentrate on Dying Light, their fresher, newer take on zombie survival. You will be able to free run, jump, pull off cool cinematic zombie finisher moves – but be careful because once the sun goes down, those shuffling undead cannon fodder become fast, flesh eating dangers. If you pre-order Dying Light, you will also be able to play as one of the Zombies in the “Be The Zombie” mode.

Broforce – Timed Console

Are you ready for BROFORCE!!!!! Probably the most testosterone fuelled man game ever made, this 2D action platformer lets you play as Brobocop, Brominator, Brochete, RamBro and a truck load of other BroForced action heroes as you destroy EVERYTHING!* This game comes to the PS4 before any other console thanks to a deal struck between Sony and publishers Devolver.
*Not everything, but a lot of things.

Tearaway Unfolded – Exclusive

Almost anyone who has played Tearaway on the PSVita will tell you what a big deal this game is. Unfortunately, being on the Vita, Media Molecules latest masterpiece has not received the plaudits it deserves but hopefully, when it gets this second bite of the cherry, its quality will shine. Tearaway Unfolded is a papercraft game that will use every single control method at its disposal to allow you to change the game world – personally, I can’t wait.

Hellraid – Multi

The second game on this from developers Techland, Hellraid is a first person hack-’em-up set in a fantasy medieval setting. Imagine Skyrim meets Dying Light and you are there. Originally scheduled to release on last-gen consoles only, Hellraid is now coming to the PS4 and Xbox One in 2015. Techland really love their zombies don’t they…

Wander – Console

Wander is unique among the glut of MMO’s out there because it is non-competitive and includes no combat – oh, and you start the game as a giant tree. The game focuses on collaboration, exploration and (I think you will agree based on the above trailer) the sheer beauty of the world it is based in. As well as a tree, you will also get to play as the mythical griffin and a lizard like creature, the Azertash, with more playable characters to be confirmed before release.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Content

After a one entry hiatus for the series, Rocksteady are back and brining Batman and all his brooding glory to the PS4 and Xbox One in 2015. The combat is as slick as ever but one major improvement is the one button press call for the Batcar which can then be driven around Gotham City. Another major bonus is that the big bad MacGuffin of Arkham Knight will be a brand new character written especially for the game who is called…The Arkham Knight. Sony have secured exclusive content for the PS4 version which will include a set of new missions revolving around The Scarecrow.

Mortal Kombat X – Content

Who’s Next? Well, Mortal Kombat X (pronounced Ex, not ten) is. The brutal brawler is making its presence known on next-gen consoles in 2015 and will come with platform exclusive content for BOTH the PS4 and Xbox One. No details have been released on who those characters will be but after playing as Kratos in MK9, this is an exciting prospect. Nether Realms recently released the news that Quan Chi will be in MKX and a plethora of fan favourites such as Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Raiden are along for the ride too.

H-Hour: Worlds Elite – Console

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, H-Hour: Worlds Elite is looking to fill the void left by PlayStation stalwart SOCOM with 2 of the Zipper team working alongside industry veterans to bring the same hardcore military action to the PS4. It was recently announced that development had gone full time on this game and will be releasing on the PC first in early 2015 before coming to the PS4.

Uncharted 4: Thief’s End – Exclusive

The big one. The one we are all waiting for. A reason to buy a PS4 alone. Uncharted 4 is the follow up to the award winning, critically acclaimed, amazing series by Naughty Dog featuring an older, more grizzled Nathan Drake in possibly his last outing.

Article by Sean Davies

Heart Failure Analyst by day, Review Editor by night. Co-Founder of PSGamer.co.uk, father to 3 and avid trophy hunter.


  1. Wow. Thanks for putting all of this up. Some great stuff coming out next year.

  2. Oh nice 1 game worth playing in 2015.. bloodborne..

    i hope it gives me atleast 500hrs or my PS4 will be gathering dust just like my PS3 did..

  3. Nearly all of it mediocre trash. Pretty funny to be touting all those poor titles, but that’s Sony in a nutshell, OVERHYPE.

  4. undoubtedly it are games Anticipated in 2015 especially the Tom Clancy’s The Division because i love Ubisoft’s games
    but i think That We Will this year see an other generation of games

    and finally welcom to my blog http://cheats4games.com

  5. 2 games missing: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

  6. Where the hell is the next Red Dead Redemption? Come on Rockstar “Pull ya finger out” I’m going to be an old man, by the time it happens. Instead of just bringing out GTAV again and again, sort it out!

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