That’s right, something that’s just been a dream of modders could be coming true. A new first-person mode is heading to PS4 (and Xbox One and PC) according to a post on Rockstar’s website, which of course has since been pulled.

This is all speculation of course, but Redditor “DrOversight” provides a link to a Google cache of the website, showing you what you need to know.

Judging from the post there are a fair few changes on the way, most you know about, relating to graphics, textures and draw distance. But there are few others you may not of heard about. The big ones being FPS views for vehicles and on foot sections, but the update will also bring new Jobs, an arsenal of new weapons, scores of new vehicles, new properties and player customizations will also be available for the PlayStation 4.

Again, this is all just speculation, but there must be some validity if Rockstar felt the need to take the post down altogether.

Grand Theft Auto V hits PS4 on November 18