The PS4 has a plethora of amazing games on the horizon ranging from AAA blockbusters to creative indie projects. Driveclub, Uncharted 4, The Order 1886 and Velocity 2X are the games on almost every PlayStation gamers lips – but unfortunately, some PS4 games with great potential are flying below the radar, no matter how loud the developers scream and shout about their games.

With this in mind, we wanted to celebrate some of the lesser known PS4 games in development which look really promising but are not yet causing a stir. Of course, inclusion means exclusion by default and there are hundreds of games that could probably make this list, but this is 12 of our favourite PS4 games that you probably know nothing about (but hopefully will be the time you have read this).

Of course, this shouldn’t be all about us preaching to you and even though we have scoured the internet to find more examples of exciting upcoming PS4 games than we could ever write about, we have probably missed a whole lot too. If there are any PS4 games you want to tell the world about that aren’t in this list then head to the comments section and let us know about it.


Wander is unique among the glut of MMO’s out there because it is non-competitive and includes no combat – oh, and you start the game as a giant tree. The game focuses on collaboration, exploration and (I think you will agree based on the abive trailer) the sheer beauty of the world it is based in. As well as a tree, you will also get to play as the mythical griffin and a lizard like creature, the Azertash, with more playable characters to be confirmed before release. Wander will be at Gamescom 2014 so if you are attending, make sure to stop by the Indie Megabooth to get a look at it. You can find more information about Wander at the games official website here.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers

Jet Set Radio is a legend in its own right and now Hover: Revolt Of Gamers is taking all of its positives and cranking them up to 11 with spectacular first person street skating in an open neon city. The result of a successfully Kickstarter campaign (which reached almost 300% of its original goal), Hover is a fast paced parkour game that challenges you to free the citizens of the futuristic city from the tyranny of the newly appointed Mayor. There is no official launch date yet but you can keep up to date by visiting Midgar Studios site.


The humble rocket jump. The ability to fire an explosive into the ground and launch yourself into the air. It has been a staple of hardcore first person shooters for years but platforming games? Well, this is a first. Tinertia has no jump button and you have to use your rockets to propel yourself through the game, avoiding lasers and dodging obstacles in order to escape the core of a dead planet. Tinertia is also coming to PC and Mac and you find a whole host of screenshots, details and a link to the games Greenlight here.

Red Awakening

Red Awakening is not your standard first person shooter. Apart from the unique and gorgeous dynamic art style, the developers are actively discouraging the run ‘n’ gun attitude of the Call of Duty and Battlefields of the world. Red Awakening is more about stealth, patience and killing your opponents with panache and style. Inspired by the slasher films of 80’s, Red Awakening pits 10 homicidal young offenders against each other in a fight to the death. If you are attending Insomnia Gaming Festival in 2 weeks time, developers Domino Effect will be there to show off the game. If not, I highly recommend you watch the first production video here and check out the games website.


You can be forgiven for not knowing anything about Kodoku because the developers, Carnivore Studio, have been very quiet about the game. What we do now is that it is a horror, exploration game and that teaser trailer (along with the screenshots on the official website) show that the game will have a lovely anime art style. Kodoku will be releasing for the PS4 (and Vita) in 2015.

Skara – The Blade Remains

Developers 8-Bit could not categorise this game – so they invented a new genre which they are calling “Multiplayer Online Versus”. It all kind of sounds like a MOBA to me but they would know better than I. In Skara – The Blade Remains you choose one of 5 races – The Celea, Shinse, Tamvaasa, Khärn or Durno – and go head-to-head with 15 other players. The above trailer is early footage (Pre-Alpha) of a battle and it is already looking impressive. For those of you attending Gamescom 2014, stop off at Hall 4.2, E050/D051 to see the latest build or check out the games website.

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