One of Sony’s most surprising announcements at this years E3 was that GTA V was coming to PS4 this year. It was a surprise mainly because Rockstar tend to avoid any kind of E3 shenanigans. Anyway although the announcement of  GTA V coming to PS4 was awesome as ever there was no firm release date given, other than the tentative, Fall 2014

Now a few months later, retailers are getting in on the speculation act and publishing release dates for GTA V The fist retailer (that I’ve seen) is Game Seek who have published a date of November 7 2014.  Now, this could be true, but then you need to think about what else is coming out that month. It’s none other than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which has been scheduled for a November 4 release. As big as GTA is as a brand, can it really take on the might of Call of Duty? especially when you consider that for the most part, gamers will be buying the game for the second time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if GTA V was actually released a bit later, perhaps around the same time as the PC version of the game which has been rumoured with a November 14 release date. Either way, it looks like GTA V is coming this November and you can pre-order it for £44.75

GTA V Release

Check out the gorgeous E3 trailer below

Source: GameSeek