13 VR supported games we hope arrive on the PS4 and Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus is an exciting prospect. The VR of the 80’s and 90’s (read: Lawnmower Man) is gone and in its stead is an exciting prospect, filled with wonderment and creativity that is being hailed by many as the future of gaming. Sony are attempting to be at the forefront of this VR revolution with their hardware offering in the form of Project Morpheus.

At the time of writing this, there is not a vast array of games that have confirmed support for Project Morpheus (Project Cars, Thief, Eve: Valkyrie and The Deep) and there are a hand full of tech demos that are being shown at trade shows (a new skateboarding game and a luge simulator). While new VR games are being announced right, left and centre, most of which support the Oculus Rift, almost none have confirmed they will be coming to the PS4 or Project Morpheus. The probability is that once Project Morpheus is released, a lot of these projects will get ported to the PS4 with Morpheus support but here is the list of the 15 VR games we hope come to the PS4 and Project Morpheus.


Affected is a horror experience that plays upon popular phobias and only has one aim – make it to the end. It is scripted and linear but even when you know what is coming, the fact that shocking and genuinely terrifying events are unfolding right before your very eyes make Affected a horror game you are not likely to forget. Affected is currently available on the Oculus Rift but hopefully it will make its way to the PS4 once Project Morpheus is released.


SUPERHOT caused quite a stir during its Kickstarter campaign and rightfully so. The shooter has the unique mechanic of only allowing enemy character, bullet and environment movement while you are moving – something that is quite hard to explain and is probably best viewed in the above trailer. SUPERHOT is attending Gamescom 2014 as part of the Oculus Rift booth so we will soon know what kind of VR experience it will be but the prospect alone is enough to make this list.

Radial-G: Racing Revolved

UPDATE: As you can see from the comments section below, Sony man Shuhei Yoshida is helping bring Radial-G to the PS4.


The distinct lack of a WipEout game on the PS4 is a bit of a sore subject here at PSGamer. The zero-G racing series had entertained us for nearly 2 decade before Studio Liverpool was closed for good and the future of ZipEout was cast into doubt. Fortunately, for those with an Oculus Rift at least, Radial-G: Racing Revolved has stepped up to fill that gap. The fast paced flyer gives players the VR experience of being in the cockpit of a futuristic racer in the bid to set the fastest lap – something that Sony should definitely try to bring to Project Morpheus. Radial-G: Racing Revolved is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter and there is a demo available.

XING: The Land Beyond

Almost everyone has wondered about what happens after we shift off of the mortal coil and developers White Lotus Interactive have crafted a beautiful interpretation of what they believe will happen with XING: The Land Beyond. The game challenges players to travel through their fantastical and spiritual afterlife to discover who they are and how they ended up there. There is currently a demo available of a rainforest segment of the game but the XING is still in development and is not due to release until later this year. The demo alone is reason enough to include it on this list and hopefully White Lotus Interactive will port this to the PS4.

Assunder: Earthbound

Assunder: Earthbound has you play as an escaped convict called Newt “The Mute” who has managed to blag his way onto a plane heading to freedom – the only problem is, there are some strange goings-on on this plane and Newt needs to act accordingly. Assunder: Earthbound is out now via Steam and has Oculus Support. The episode in the above trailer features Bill Shatner (AKA Captain Kirk) so why the hell would we not want this game on the PS4 and Project Morpheus?

The Forest

The Forest challenges you, the lone survivor of a plane crash, to survive by any means necessary in a mysterious forested island. This includes hunting and foraging for food, building shelters, starting fires and fending off the inhabitants of island that are trying to kill you. The Forest is available on Steam now and Oculus Rift support is currently being tested. The thought of playing this game in total immersion via Project Morpheus is quite mouth-watering and one I hope becomes a reality.

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    • matt
    • July 28

    That Xing The Land looks really nice. So do a lot of these other titles. I think PS VR will need as many titles it can get, especially out the door. Hopefully some of them will be free or included as a bundle when you get it, as many of these feel more like tech demos or short experiences.

  1. Hi there, I am Game Producer for Radial-G. We have met with Shuhei Yoshida and he has played the game. After playing the game, he is helping us fact-track our Sony developer application and providing us with a PS4 dev kit and Morpheus headset. So for Radial-G at least, it’s not a case of “should” but “when” 🙂

  2. fantastic! All the more reason to back your Kickstarter campaign.

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