New Sonic Game Announcement for 2017

Sonic fans from all around the world attended Sonic’s 25th anniversary party in San Diego, California yesterday. After a remarkable performance by Crush 40, a costume contest, Q&As and more, SEGA announced 3 new Sonic games for fans of Classic, Modern, and Boom Sonic. Sonic Mania was introduced as a new 2D adventure featuring classic Sonic available for PS4, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice was given a release date for September 27th in the US and 30th in the UK for the 3DS, and a world-premiere trailer was released for the upcoming Modern Sonic game. While the trailer did not feature a title, it did show that it will be available on PS4 sometime next year. The event also featured a gameplay trailer of LEGO Dimensions featuring Sonic the Hedgehog which will be available for PS3 and PS4.

Watch the trailers here:

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