Back in’t olden times we used to have only 16 bits in our consoles, times were tough but we were ‘appy. We got through the long internet free days by playing games on our Super Nintendos, one such game which I happily played was Rock N Roll Racing. Rock N Roll Racing was a futuristic racer played from an isometric view point, with a cracking soundtrack and even more cracking gameplay. I am among those who are unfortunately old enough to have fond memories of this often forgotten masterpiece. It seems that BlazeRush developers, Targem Games, are among the small but vocal supporters of Silicon and Synapse’s game.


BlazeRush saw initial release on PS3, Windows and Mac at the tail end of 2014 and has just been ported to the PS4. Players take control of 16 different players each with their own vehicles to race and loads of different tracks spread over 3 planets. Each character has differing stats and at the end of each race you will have the opportunity to change your character. This game is all about your individual achievements, changing up characters to maximize your chances of success, there is an absolute ton on trophies and achievements to unlock as well as new vehicles and characters.

BlazeRush has 3 different modes, Survival, King of the Hill and Race. Survival sees you racing against your opponents all the while trying to escape from a massive steam roller which chases you around the track, the racer with the least number of deaths wins. King of the Hill mode is won by being the racer who spends the most amount of time in 1st position and Race is your average 3 lap race to the finish.



Each mode will come up randomly through out the 1 player career mode, with each race having certain criteria to fulfill in order to progress or to earn upgrades. BlazeRush also offers 8 player multiplayer, but there was no one online at the time of playing and so this mode could not be tested. Whether this was because no one is playing the game or a server error, I’m not sure.

BlazeRush plays brilliantly and you will not be flying off the track due to over steering etc, the weapons system is great fun as weapons only slow down your opponent and only coming off the track will see you lose any significant ground on the rest of your opponents. This leads to some really tightly contested races and I’m sure Blaze Rush will be an even better experience against human opponents.

BlazeRush is a real fun experience and fans of games such as Rock N Roll Racing will lap it up, if you’re looking for something a little different to play over the festive period you could do worse than giving BlazeRush a crack.


Blaze Rush is out now on PSN for £7.99

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