I Am Bread Review

I Am (fairly) impressed.

I Am Bread is an odd little game. Originally released on PC and Mac, it recently came to PS4 and is in the same vein as Goat Simulator: it’s really just a joke.  However, unlike Goat Simulator, I Am Bread doesn’t try to be funny in an obvious manner. Less “I know, let’s make textures pop, so the player becomes really annoyed!” and more “Hey – look at this crazy situation, kinda funny, eh?” And that’s exactly how I feel. This time the joke does work and (at least for a time), because of the nature of the game, it feels like we’re laughing together with the developers, rather than them laughing at their own joke.


There are six main ways to play I Am Bread: “Story Mode”, which is the classic mode for the game, and simply tasks you with getting a slice of bread to the toaster. While this is much harder than it sounds, it is actually quite good fun, especially if you can enjoy it with friends. The other game modes include the very self-explanatory “Bagel Race”, “Cheese Hunt” and “Zero G” in addition to “Rampage” where one plays as a baguette who – bizarrely – has to destroy everything in a set amount of time in order to get a positive grade. The last is “Free Roam”. I take small issue with this as there is literally no object to it and seems as though it was just chucked in to fill out the game.

In fact, that’s something of a running theme. There is very little substance to this game, beyond simply what the title suggests: being bread. While this is obvious from the moment one jumps in, it does mean there is even less replayability than you would first expect.  After sampling each of the six modes, you know exactly what you’re in for and playing any further becomes a bit of a chore.

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This is intensified by the strangely long loading times and hard-to-grasp controls. For a game like I Am Bread, you wouldn’t expect there to be much to load. The visuals – while OK – aren’t at all up there, and really shouldn’t be pushing the PS4 at all. The stages aren’t huge and there isn’t much to fill them. It remains a mystery as to why these times are so long, and I can see that this could be a put off for some people, as the joke dies very quickly in these moments with just a black screen to look at.

As I mentioned before, the controls are insanely hard to grasp. This isn’t because they’re necessarily hard – they really aren’t – they just take a while to firm up in your mind. However, once they do, you should be fine in controlling the game and everything will become much easier. However, if playing in a more social situation, it might be annoying when passing the controller around for each person to have to learn them.

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Level design – again – isn’t anything to write home about. Levels interesting, with little puzzles tasking you to find the safest path from point A to point B, but aren’t particularly inspiring. It can be fun to work it all out though, especially when experiencing the game for the first time, and – as with many of these types of games – the fun is increased ten-fold when playing with friends.

I Am Bread was reviewed on PS4. 

Developer: Bossa Studios/Just Add Water
Publisher: Bossa Studios

Disclaimer – In order to complete this review, we received a code for the game.

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