Sean Davies

The Popularity of the Xbox 360 Pad


Who the hell put the X button in the wrong place on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One pad? There is nothing more embarrassing than heading around to a friend’s house, giving their Xbox a try and missing on-screen button prompts, hitting A instead of X. The shame.

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14 thoughts on 6 problems that only PlayStation gamers will understand

  1. Joshua

    I have a ps4 and wii u, I can admit my ps4 goes down way more than nintendo did, actually on my wii u i havent had a problem with the server yet! I couldnt go on the shop once. The ps4 on the other hand keeps going down, even though you can still use netflix and half the time your friends list won’t show or messages takes a lot of time to send. my internet is 50mbps

  2. jasondmzk

    Thanks for making me click and load 6 pages for the same number of paragraphs. I hate that crap, you know?

  3. andy

    Funny, when I think of something breaking on you within an hour that is related to consoles, its the 360 console hands down, ESPECIALLY if you worked in game retail the past 8 years.

  4. Badabing badabooom

    Truth… Oo boy…..Will you Fanboys never learn?

    Nobody gifs A #### what you are saying, really nobody..

  5. Dirk

    Sony makes great hardware, but they communicate worse than Microsoft about problems related to the PS4.

  6. Ozz

    You’re blaming the Xbox 360 and Xbone for screwing up the X button placement?
    What about the original Xbox from 2001?
    Let’s dive back even further than that, though. Let’s go back to 1991.

    The SNES was the first controller to feature an X button, and considering the PlayStation’s roots are in the SNES, it’s ironic that Sony botched the position of the X button!

  7. Allen

    I think this is a load of bull.

    (1) Unscheduled maintenance okay.
    (2) Dual Shock 4 thumbs, I admit are made of a bad material but are being replaced for free and I believe the new ones have been quietly changed to not tear so easily.

    Other than that everything else here is BS.

    How about problems only xbox gamers could understand?

    (1) Micro$oft too cheap to hold onto exclusives.
    (2) Micro$oft not willing to take risks in exclusives so instead stays with the same old same old over and over like a broken record.
    (3) Xbox exclusives always coming to PC with free online play the PC way.
    (4) More expensive subscription service for much less. GWG pales in comparison to PS+.
    (5) Inferior multi platform titles.
    (6) Lack of power. (A) Beginning of the gen multi plats have better performance on PS4. (B) Middle of the gen (assuming xbox can catch up) PS4 exclusives will shine more with that power (C) Longer legs at the end of the generation on PS4.
    (7) History of horrible customer policies, forced upgrades & rushing hardware just to gain market share while making the consumer suffer.
    (8) Long list of expensive accessories on xbox.
    (9) $60 controller lacking many features competition has plus add $25 for a battery pack (lack of blue tooth, gyroscope, speaker, touch pad, light bar ect)
    (10) Retarded thumb position. I love that dual shock 4 is wider but I can still hold it and reach the left thumb with my right hand. Using my left hand to take a sip of my drink (usually good beer). Impossible to do on xbox
    (11) Far more free exlcusive content on PlayStation while xbox only gets pay to play timed DLC. DLC paying xbox live members still have to pay for and DLC everyone will have in 1 short month. While PlayStation gamers get FREE exclusive content in so many AAA multi plats. Watchdogs, Assassins Creed, Destiny to name a few already. Game modes, free games, exclusive maps, weapons, skins, playable characters and more.

  8. Blake

    I have heard of all those exclusives, it’s called visiting PSN store. They advertise the hell out of their indies. WTF are you talking about? And Sony fans are the only ones who understand scheduled maintenance? BULLSHIT