MotorStorm was an exciting prospect back when it was announced at E3 2005. Its setting, array of different vehicles, multiple racing lines and ludicrous over the top action was like nothing else out there at the time. When it finally released, the review scores were positive about the birth of a new IP and the potential that this series had. 2 direct sequels and a few PSP spin off’s later and the market was now flooded with arcade style racers with similar mechanics – Split/Second, Blur, others – and the franchise started to lose some of its original magic. The last we heard of MotorStorm was the excellent MotorStorm RC on the Vita. With Evolution moving on to Driveclub and no word on any other studio taking on the franchise, it is unlikely that we will see MotorStorm making the jump to PS4. There is a slim chance should Sony could revive the series later down the line but right now, MotorStorm is a off the track.

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