A few days ago, I finally finished* Fallout 4 and earned the Platinum trophy. Yay. Go me. It’s a wonderful feeling, to “finish” something – to ring a game dry of every drop of enjoyment you possibly can and unlock that coveted Platinum trophy at the end of it. It’s a feeling I had missed during 2015, a year that had been so busy – with this site, with my new job, the arrival of my 4th child and getting married – that of the 62 games I purchased during the year, I only managed to “finish” 7 of them.

For myself (and for many more of you reading this I’m betting) buying games has become a more regular occurrence than finishing them these days. We all have our “pile of shame” – those games we have bought, started and not gone back too or, even worse, never even opened. Still wrapped neatly in their cellophane. The shame of it…

Well NO MORE!!! 2016 is going to be different. 2016 is going to be the year that I complete the games I buy. It’s going to be the year that I tackle that pile of shame, one game at a time, and I want to invite you to do it with me…

Allow me to introduce the #52Games52Weeks challenge. That’s right. I’m serious about this. For the next 12 months (and possibly beyond), I am going to “finish” a game every. Single. Week. It could be old, something I have been holding on to for years but have failed to find the time for, or it could be the new hotness. These games might be huge RPG’s I abandoned after a few hours or they might be short, story driven titles – I’m going to try and strike a balance.

My self-imposed rules:

·         I’m not allowed to buy a new game until I have finished one I already own.

·         A game is “Finished” when I have done everything I can do before the game stops being enjoyable – but I have to finish the main story path if a game has one.

·         I have to write about each and every game I play which will be published on a Friday. Every Friday.

Now, I am under no illusions that this is going to be easy. It took me 72 hours to “finish” Fallout 4 and, in real terms, that took me just shy of 2 months between work, family and doing those essential things like eating and sleeping. It’s going to be tough to complete a single game each week, but I want to invite you on this journey to complete as many games as you can this year, and every year after, rather than buying things we never play.

If you want to get involved, use the #52Games52Weeks hash tag on Twitter or Facebook and I will include your accomplishments on the weekly Friday post. Alternatively, just add a comment to the site and I can grab it from there. Spread the word, get your friends involved, have a competition to see who can complete the most games in a year. It’s about time we appreciated those games we own rather than covert those that are still to be released or are the flavour of the week.

52 weeks. 52 games. Let’s do this.

Join me on 15th of Jan for Week 1 of #52Games52Weeks – Xmen: Destiny