It can’t be said that Techland haven’t bought us much DLC for Dying Light. Over the past 180 days, we’ve literally had a non-stop stream of new content.

Not one to take a break, Techland have decided to bring vehicles to their open world, parkour-em-up. How good does that sound? Lets think about this for a minute, all we’ve done in the game so far is craft some weapons and run over building to escape the blood thirsty hoard of zombies.

Now, with the help of a dune buggy, we can simply run them over, not only that, but you’ll be getting a whole new area to explore to boot. Winning.

“The best kind of expansion should drive your game forward, expand upon it, and play with the gameplay features in an inventive way. After all, if you want to keep at least the same level of enthusiasm, you need to offer content as creative and fresh as your game was when it launched. You need to take into account you’re doing it for fans that have already spent dozens of hours with you. So it always boils down to offering something new and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in your game.”

Sounds good to us, you can see the buggy teaser in the video below which also shows off pretty much all the exhaustive DLC Dying Light has received.