Does this look “sparse” to you?

When Sony Computer Entertainment president and global CEO Andrew House stated that the PS4’s first-party line-up was “a little sparse this year” earlier this month, it gave certain corners of the internet the excuse they needed to resurrect the “PS4 HAS NO GAEMS!” meme. Sony further compounded the issue by focusing much of its E3 2015 press conference on games that are unlikely to release during this financial year.

Of course, in reality the PS4 has an incredible line-up of exclusive games that are still to release in 2015 from first and third parties, AAA studios and the best indie developers around.
We decided to do Sony’s job for them and collated a list of console exclusive PS4 games (that are not coming to the Wii U or Xbox One) that are still to release in 2015. It’s an epic list.

J-Stars Victory VS+

Release date: June 30th, 2015

Combining heroes from Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Shonen Jump and more manga characters than you could hope for into a 2v2 brawler, J-Stars Victory VS+ is a must play for every anime fan.

PlanetSide 2

Release date: June 24th, 2015

The incredibly popular free-to-play PC shooter PlanetSide 2 is soon to release on the PS4 with exclusive content. It’s a huge online shooter that is well worth a try based on the PS4 beta tests that are currently taking place.

Rocket League

Release date: July 8th, 2015

The eSports potential for Rocket League is immense and if the excitement for this game in the PSGamer Towers is anything to go by, it is going to a hit. The combination of jet stunt cars and football is an addictive and enjoyable mix.

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Release date: July 15th, 2015

Get ready to smash, bash and crush your way to victory in Godzilla. While the game looks a little rough around the edges, it is going to allow us to live out our fantasy monster battles. Mothma vs. Godzilla. Battra vs. Mecha-King Ghidorah. All of this can be played out in the Godzilla VS mode on PS4.


Release date: September 22nd, 2015

Coming from the minds of Frictional Games, the developers of the truly terrifying Amnesia games, SOMA sends us to the bottom of the ocean in a research facility where everything is going awry. Set to scare the pants off of us, SOMA releases on PC and PS4 in September, 2015.


Release date: August 18th, 2015

Indie darling Mike Bithell is soon to release Game #2, Volume, on the PS4 and PSVita. A modern re-imagining of Robin Hood, Volume plays much like the Metal Gear Solid VR missions but with deeper mechanics and a developing plot.

Red Goddess: Inner World

Release date: June 30th, 2015

Red Goddess is an innovative platformer with a unique twist. The game adapts to the mood of the main character. Get her angry and the enemies of the game do too. Red Goddess is the result of a successful Kickstarter and will be releasing on the PS4 six months before it hits PC, Xbox One and Wii U.

Until Dawn

Release date: August 26th, 2015

Eight friends trapped together on a remote mountain retreat, and they aren’t alone. Gripped by dread, with tensions running high, they must fight through their fear if they all hope to make through the night in one piece. QTE’s, cheesy teen horror and multiple endings make Until Dawn something to get excited about.

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