Fallout 4 info blow out revealed by Bethesda at E3 including release date and collectors edition.

Bethesda just unleashed a barrage of Fallout 4 information on us including new game play and a collectors edition.

Firstly, there will be a playable Female character in the game. Both the male and female characters are fully customisable and the looks of both characters will generate the look of the couples baby.

Fallout 4 begins at the start of the nuclear war and you play as the soul survivor of vault 111 who emerges 200 years later. The game will be playable in first an third person perspectives.

The canine companion is fully controllable an will obey commands. He can fetch items from the environment as “everything is contextual”.

The VATS system from Fallout 3 an New Vegas makes a return too.

Crafting is also included in the game. During the game you can scrap the rubble of the dystopian future and rebuild on the fly. Weapon customisation is also shown in the below trailer.

Basically, Fallout 4 is every game, ever and it will be arriving on November 10th, 2015.

“Now onto the cool stuff”

The “Pipboy Collectors Edition” comes with a real Pipboy. Yes, you read that right. You can put your phone into the Pipboy model and then run an iOS or Android app which will link to the in-game Fallout 4 version to display your stats. So cool.




Watch the FULL Todd Howard fronted Fallout 4 presentation below.